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Motor Roundup

Written by Eli on Monday, August 06, 2018.

This post was originally written on December 12, 2012.

Vetco recently expanded our selection of small hobby style DC motors – We added 4 motors to our inventory, all of them perfect for small hobby projects, microcontroller projects, and science experiments. Take a look at our current motor offerings – including permanent magnet DC motors, Stepper motors and Servos.

DC Hobby Motors:

First up we have 3 new DC motors, in voltages of 3VDC, 6VDC and 12VDC. They are permanent magnet style motors and can also function as a generator. The motor shaft is 2mm in diameter, and will fit a wide selection of press-fit plastic gears available at many hobby shops.

The part numbers are:

  1. VE-MOT1N (3VDC)
  2. VE-MOT2N (6VDC)
  3. VE-MOT3N (12VDC)

Stepper Motors:

We also have 2 stepper motors:

A Large, Bipolar Hybrid Stepper Motor (MINEBEA-23LM-C038-P2V) – This large stepper motor works well for desktop CNC milling machines.

And a small, Miniature Bipolar Stepper Motor (VUPN6276) – We believe that this stepper motor, Smaller than a nickel, may have been the heart of a camera auto-focus system.


Vetco has 2 small servo motors. These motors are easy to interface to an Arduino and most other microcontrollers.

3.7G Micro Servo – (VUPN5950) – The 3.7G refers to the weight of the unit, not the torque. This is our smallest servo – it might work well on a small glider or tiny Mars rover.

9G Micro Servo – (VUPN5951) –  Again, the 9G refers to the weight of the servo, not the torque. This is our most popular servo motor, it’s roughly the size of the most common RC servo motors found on aircraft and vehicles.

Unique Motors:

Vetco has a few surplus motors available in large quantities. Both are excellent for general hobby use and electionics experimentation.

3VDC Pager Motor – (PAGER-MOTOR) – This tiny motor was at the heart of pagers and analog cellular phones. It provided the jarring vibration alert for your midnight on-call duty or poorly-worded spam text message. The weight on the shaft can be ground down. These tiny, energy efficient motors make excellent locomotion systems for BEAM style robots.

3-12VDC Toy Motor – 3 Pack (VUPN6608) – This motor is one of our most popular surplus offerings. They have 6″ long wire leads and run on a wide range of voltages. The motor has a brass pulley friction-fitted to the shaft that is ideal for driving a rubber belt or rubber band. The pulley can be removed with a pin-punch. These motors sat in a warehouse for a period of time and could use a drop of oil to lubricate the bushing for smooth operation. We sell many of these to students and teachers for classroom demonstrations.  This is a package of 3 motors.

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