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NEW A/V Splitters & Switches PRODUCTS FOR JUNE 2024

Audio/Video Splitters & Switchers

We have everything you need to organize your devices and TV’s. We have all the proper connections and expertise to help you get setup the right way the first time. Let us help you choose the proper selection to accomplish all your Video display goals.

Not Enough HDMI Ports on your TV?

Vetco has the proper HDMI Switch to help you get more ports out of your current TV. No matter how many devices, Vetco has a choice to get all your HDMI products plugged in. 4k is no problem either.

Split HDMI to have Same Imagine on Different Screens

Have you ever wondered how retail Store display the same imagines around their store on TV’s? They use HDMI splitters. With this product you can take the same imagine out of one device and send it to multiple monitors. Perfect for displaying in your store or Church.

Use a Matrix for combo of Splitters and Switches

HDMI matrix gives you the flexibility of using 1 remote to control multiple inputs and outputs. With a matrix, you can have the option of putting any input on any output at any given time. Try saying that 3 times fast! Get complete control of you’re A/V equipment with the matrix technology.