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Vetco Electronics • 425-641-7275


Relays are probably one of the most important components involved in anything that moves. Home automation would not exist without Relays. Vetco Electronics, the #1 source for Relays & Automotive Relays in Seattle. Make sure you check out our section today!

Time Delayed Relays for That Perfect Timing You Need.

Vetco Stocks a Large selection of Time delayed relays so you can set your relays to trigger at certain intervals. Time delayed relays are used in a lot of automatic timers & lighting applications. As they say… Timing is everything.

Waterproof Automotive Relays & Socket… What?!?!

No really… Vetco has the perfect Relays made specifically for industrial automotive applications. We have sealed versions with weatherproof sockets to insure its safe to the elements. We also have standards ones if you plan to use it elsewhere in a 12 Volt Coil application.

I Just Have a Relay Part number? Help!

We are here to help you choose the proper selection and we also have a cross Reference built in to our website to help lead you to the proper match. There are thousands of relays and with the help of our cross reference we can make it easier to identify the proper one you need.