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Arduino is a programmable circuit board (microcontroller) that’s runs off your computer and is designed for people to write or upload computer code to the board. These boards are the only hardware besides a USB cable you need to get started.

Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) uses Arduino C

The Arduino version of C makes it easy to learn to program, especially since its very close to C. Open Source coding made easy for beginners so you will find all types of examples you can read and tweak. The community is massive.

Arduino Starter Kit

Vetco has 2 separate starter kits and they both come with books for step by step directions. The first kit is smaller and does not touch into motors and the larger starter kit is perfect for hobbyist who want to use motors. This is by far one of the best starter kits on the market for the price.

Arduino Robots?

Vetco has the perfect robot kits that are made to work directly with Arduino microcontrollers. We have step by step documentation on how to assemble them. You get the privilege of custom coding it or downloading the Android app. That’s the beauty with Arduino, there truly is no limit to what these little boards are capable of. Some common projects can be seen here on “Instrutctables”.