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The hard to find Capacitors at lower than expected prices. Vetco Electronics, the #1 source for Capacitors in Seattle. Make sure you check out our section today!

Motor Start Capacitors

Did your ceiling fan just stop working or your air conditioning? There is a great chance you need to replace the Motor Start Capacitor. Vetco has tons of options and can also custom order for you. Just ask!

Your old TV won’t turn on… Maybe it’s the Flux Capacitor!?

No really… Vetco has everything you need to fix the old burnt out capacitors on your TV board as that’s the problem over 90% of the time. Daily we see people buying Electrolytic capacitors for the main purpose of getting their TV running again. Avoid spending over $100 for your new board and fix it yourself. Vetco has everything you need to complete the job.

Not Sure What Capacitor You Need?

We are here to help you choose the proper selection and make sure you get the right thing. Let Vetco make sure you get the right Capacitor and give you our expert advice. We also have Variety Packs if you just want a good assortment of Capacitors.