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Vetco Electronics • 425-641-7275


Resistance is futile… Someone smart once said... Vetco Electronics has all your futile resistor needs. We stock a full line of Resistors.

Wire Wound Power Resistors

5w, 10w, 25w wire wound power resistors are stocked. If you ever heard the statement "If you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen"? Let’s just say these are always prepared to cook. Maybe a terrible joke but these are built to handle high wattage situations.

Variable Resistors

Vetco has a good assortment of Potentiometers. We have smaller 25 turn board mount versions and also 1 turn higher wattage audio pots. It's important to know the different between Audio Taper and Linear resistors and Vetco Stocks both.

Assortment Packs

Building up a Resistor collection for a rainy day? Check out Vetco’s Resistor Assortment packs. This will give you a good balance of Ohms to give you a nice range to start with. We even sell single resistors! There is no minimum order quantity.