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NEW A/V Converters & Extenders PRODUCTS FOR APRIL 2024

Audio/Video Converters & Extenders

With the world of Electronics constantly changing connections, there is nothing more frustrating than getting that new laptop and finding out you now can’t connect it to your TV. Worry no more, Vetco Electronics A/V Solutions store has everything you need to get your problem solved the first time.

HDMI over Cat5e

Vetco has a full line of HDMI Baluns. We carry ones that work at 4k resolution and ones that even work over IP. This is the best solution opposed to running long HDMI cables through your wall. Not only will this future proof you but also leave you worry free from running another cable through your wall.

Old Computer going to New TV

Vetco has the adapter needed to make it happen. We carry old school VGA connections that adapt to HDMI. This will make that small laptop look huge on your new flat screen. Check out options now!

Want to connect your Xbox to your Projector?

Seems simple enough until you realize your projector doesn’t have HDMI. No worries here at Vetco Electronic's A/V converter store, we stock a HDMI to VGA converter to downgrade the HDMI signal but still project properly. This simple cable will get you up and gaming in no time!