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12-Volt DC Motor

Part number: VE-MOT3N
12 Volt DC Motor
This small motor is ideal for hobby projects and science fair demonstrations.

This motor runs on 6-24VDC. At 12 volts, with no load, the speed 11000 RPM and the motor draws 180mA. At the maximum efficiency (60%), the speed is 8768 RPM and the motor draws 726mA, generating 62.5 gram-cm of torque. The stall torque is 307 gram-cm.

Overall Dimensions: 28mm Diameter x 39mm Long. The motor shaft is 2.3mm in diameter and is 10mm long. The motor has two threaded mount-holes for M2.5x0.45 screws.

This motor uses permanent magnets, so it can function as a motor or a generator.

QTY: 1 x 12-Volt DC Motor
Product condition: New