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NEW Power Supplies PRODUCTS FOR MAY 2024

Power Supplies

We have Professional grade benchtop Power Supplies, down to the simple "wall plug" in power supplies. You never have to worry about the changing times, just lean on Vetco to help you out.

Are You Traveling Out of the Country and Need Power?

We stock a full line of step-up, step-down power supplies perfect for converting 110v to 220v and vice versa. Europe and Asia all operate on different voltages than the US and these devices are perfect to keep you powered. You may need to brush up on your Ohms Law to select the right one because Volts times Amps = Watts.

Benchtop Adjustable Power supplies & Variacs

If you are setting up a laboratory or work station, there is no better tool to have than a Power supply with adjustable voltage and current. This will allow you to test things quickly without the worry of over powering them.

Universal Laptop Power Supplies

Whether you’re in your home or car Vetco has the Universal Laptop charger ready to power you up… we even have USB C laptop and phone power supplies. Vetco Staff can help you choose the right one for your laptop because some Tips fit that will not work as they are wired up differently.