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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

This credit-card sized computer is a highly capable board that you can plug into your TV via HDMI. Its capable of supporting your electronic projects all the way down to functioning like a normal computer. It has HDMI out so it support high-definition video for gaming and video.

Raspberry Pi Sensors

Raspberry Pi has a ton of sensors that are made to stack right into the board. We have a Sense Hat which has a cool LED display matrix and can be programmed to work directly with your Pi. Raspberry PI also supports Arduino boards so they can easily be coupled together for a free standing electronic project.

Raspberry Pi Displays

Vetco currently stocks 2 types of raspberry PI specific displays. We have a 7’’ touch screen display as well as a 2.5’’ touchscreen GPIO display. Both plug right into the pi and are capable of supporting all kinds of visuals. Learn more at

Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

If you are not sure what a Raspberry Pi can be used for then it’s a great option to start with a Starter Kit. You can always add on later after you learn and figure out what direction you want to go with your Raspberry Pi. There is a lot of information all over the web and we also are here to help. Just Contact us with any questions.