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NEW Waterproof & Resistant PRODUCTS FOR JUNE 2024

Waterproof & Resistant Electronic Parts & Connectors

Vetco has an entire section dedicated to waterproofing all your electronic needs. We are perfect for anyone creating an outdoor product or just someone who needs to purchase waterproof switch. We are here to guide you through our entire array of products that can help take your product to the next level.

Waterproof connectors

Have you ever wanted to replace an outdoor electrical connector or make a quick disconnect from your motor to your battery? Think Vetco Electronics waterproof connectors. Our rugged connectors are all IP67 or IP68 rated and can be used for a variety of voltages. The specially made gasket can fit almost any diameter wire and can be assembled without the use of a messy sealant. We highly recommend you try these out and don't forget the waterproof caps!

Enclose your products to protect them from the elements

Check out all of our project boxes and enclosures. We have gasket-sealed boxes in both metal and plastic that will protect against dust and moisture. We have different sizes and shapes and almost certainly have an option for your product. Need to modify your enclosure? We have strain relief's, grommets, and sealants to help you do that! Also if you have fragile goods like a camera or gun, be sure to check out our carrying cases that are filled with foam. They are pre-cut so you can easily shape the foam to any contents inside.

Waterproof Quick Disconnects

Did your brake light just go out on your trailer? No problem, stop by our "Quick Disconnect" section and you'll be back on the road in no time. Also great to plug and play with wires quickly. Don't forget to use the sealant heat shrink. Sealant heat shrink molds whatever is inside and is glued in place. It is a thicker more rugged texture and will surely seal anything that needs protecting.