There is nothing more frustrating than breaking or losing your USB Cables. Vetco Electronics has almost everything you need to get you back on the road and fully powered.


Portable and Home USB Chargers

Have you lost or broken your USB charger? Worry no more, Vetco Electronics stocks a full-line of USB chargers. We have USB battery powered chargers and Home plug-in USB chargers. High amperage USB Chargers specifically designed for FAST CHARGE.


Vetco has all the newest cables and USB C adapters. We specialize in having the things you just can’t find at other retail stores. If we don't have it, you probably wouldn't want it!

New Computer with Old USB Printer?

No Problem! Vetco stocks the old school adapters so you can still use your favorite printer on your new computer. We have all the proper USB to serial chip-sets that work with the newest of operating systems. Vetco Electronics has all your USB needs covered.