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Noise Eliminators

Noise Eliminators

One of the most frustrating things when installing or setting up a home theatre is to finally get to the fun part and here nothing but static noise. We have a simple selection to help narrow down the problem and hopefully ground out your noise problem.

Ground Loop Isolator

With your audio system making noise its extremely difficult to isolate the noise. We have a simple ground loop isolator that possibly will be the solution. It has RCA male on one side and Female on the other so it can easily plug and play into your audio system.

Ferrite choke Snaps

Vetco has the core snaps that fit onto your cable to help clean out the noise. Most people have no idea what these large snaps on their cables are but without them you could be in a world of trouble. We got you covered even if your original cable didn’t come with one.

Ferrite Cores

Ferrite cores are perfect for getting wound up. Use our magnet wire and make your own coil/ inductor. These are perfect for your kids projects all the way to the professional technician.