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NEW Wire & Cable PRODUCTS FOR MAY 2024

Wire & Cable

Have you ever wanted to beef up your stereo system in your car or home? Are you future proofing your home while it's still under construction? Use Vetco Electronics is here for all your wire needs. We have experts to advise you on what to choose and we also carry some of the best wire money can buy. Don't be fooled by expensive cables you don't need. Trust Vetco as your wire experts.

How to future proof wire in your home

Vetco has all the wire and expertise needed to help you choose the right option for the future. Nothing is more frustrating than running a cable through your wall that will be obsolete next year. Vetco carries only the best "RG6" quad for low loss cable tv runs. We have oxygen-free, in-wall rated speaker wire that will supply the power needed to any sound system. We have the network cable "Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A" to get your network speeds properly optimized. When you think of upgrading think of Vetco Electronics to help guide you through the process. Nobody likes fishing wires through their walls!

Are you running cables outdoors?

Check out our "Outdoor / Direct Burial" cable section. We have cable that is designed to be outdoors and handle moisture and direct sunlight. Whether you're planning on building an outdoor sound system or just moving around some sprinklers, Vetco has the bulk wire you need.

Prototyping and breadboarding wire

Are you starting a new project but are missing the wire to connect it all together? Vetco has all types of wires to help you get started. Check out the "Hookup Wire" for bread boarding and multi-colored wire options. This small gauge wire will help you organize and keep track of what is going where. Our "Jumper Wires" and "22AWG Solid Hookup Wire" are the best options for quick and easy breadboarding. Not using a breadboard? "Wire Wrap" may be the solution you need for all your prototyping connections. This 30AWG wire can be wrapped around the legs of components for small connections. Vetco has all the wires needed for any Makers or DIYer's dreams.