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You don't ever have to worry about your media closet over-heating when you shop at Vetco Electronics Fan Shop. As a one stop electronic fan shop we have everything you need, including the fans, safety guards, thermostats, and cabling. If you have any questions be sure to ask us through our contact page.

AC Fans

Our AC fans are set up to be installed by anyone. Vetco hand picked the options to make sure they move sufficient volumes of air, yet aren't too noisy. No one wants to be watching a scary movie only to be interrupted by constant fan noise. The CFM (or how much air the fan moves) is important but so is the noise factor. Let us help you make the right choice. Vetco has everything you need to make your fan purchase a breeze!

DC Fans

We have a large selection of DC fan sizes that are plug and play. Easily replace a broken fan in your computer or cabinet. Our Fans vary in speeds and sizes to make it safe near kids and animals. Most of our DC fans are brushless motors so you'll never have to bust your ball...bearings.

Fan Thermostats & Guards

Vetco has simple thermostats so you keep your fan running only when you want it to. This will prolong the life of your fan and also keep you equipment safe. Never worry about fingers or wires getting stuck, our fan guards will block that from happening.

We Are A Local Electronic Fan Shop Near Seattle