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Wearable Electronics

Have you ever wondered how people make those sweaters that light up? Are you tired of being limited on your creative process? Think Vetco Wearable Electronics store.

Sewable LEDs?

The perfect way to make a costume or decoration really POP is with sewable LEDs. You can easily hide these behind your clothes to make the finishing touches on any project shine.

Conductive Thread?

Vetco has all types of conductive thread made specially for those hard to make connectors. Its Safe & Non-toxic so its perfect for kids. You can use this for artistic coloring or to help complete a circuit and light up some Sewable LEDs.

Make the best Holiday Sweater Yourself!

The best way to create a memory is by completing building and designing something yourself. With Vetco’s Wearable Electronics you are never again limited. You can finally make that light up Halloween Costume or finish off that Ugly Xmas sweater. We have stock Sewable Switches in case the lights aren’t appropriate.