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Wall Plates

Setting up a home theater or wiring your house? Vetco's Home Theater Wall Plates Store offers a wide range of wall plates which offer a simple way to connect cables. We also offer modular keystone panels to build your own custom wall plates. Using our wall plates reduce cable clutter and add a professional look to your setup.

Finish Off Your Professional Home Theater

Are you looking at your conference table at the office wondering where to plug in your laptop? Did you just get done wiring your home and something just isn't right? Think Vetco Electronics professional finish wall plates. Tired of white wall plates? Try our steel wall plates which come in a variety of connectors.

Wall Plates For Any Room

If you are setting up a lab, workshop, classroom, conference room or recording studio, Vetco's wall plates offer a clean and easy way to access your equipment. Use our XLR wall plates and audio wall plates in your recording studio to wrangle your cables. Make your lab or workshop safer with our bulk feedthrough wall plates to take your cables off the floor and into the wall. Easily plug in your computer or laptop to the conference room using our HDMI wall plates, USB wall plates and audio wall plates.

Make a Power Play

If you want to mount your TV as flush as possible to the wall, use our recessed outlet wall plates and grommet wall plates to easily hide your cables behind the wall. Our electrical outlets and wall plates allow you to power up your devices around the room. Did you forget your charger or are tired of wasting an outlet with a bulky charger? Use Vetco's USB power outlet to charge your devices.