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Vetco Electronics • 425-641-7275

About Vetco Electronics

Vetco Electronics is very happy to celebrate our 25th year of business. Founded in 1989 as a Tool and Surplus company, Vetco slowly transitioned into the computer business in 1995 at the height of the booming Bellevue area dot-com industry…only to leave it behind a decade later to become what we are today.

Vetco is a family owned company that sells electronic parts, cables and hardware. We also buy & sell electronic surplus, such as O-Scopes and Test Equipment. The retail store started with 100 items and has grown to over 20,000 and counting! Vetco ships world-wide from our single retail location, which also offers wholesale and website special pricing. We are the only retail electronic store left in the Pacific Northwest that still caters to small purchases such as single resistor or capacitor.

Vetco’s website was founded in 2003 and has been evolving each year since. We are always working to enhance our technology to create a positive experience for everyone.

Here at Vetco we strive to be unique in ways that make the customer experience better. Our retail location has custom built electronic product displays that we have set up in house to spark ideas. We buy directly from manufacturers to lower cost for the end consumer!

Vetco has over 90% of our inventory out on display so you can come in and actually touch and view before you purchase. Even our telephone system is set it for convenience because when you call the first thing you hear is “press 1 to speak with a human”.

We have set things up to help you quickly find parts but we cannot always answer every question that you may have about it. We do our best but we are not engineers so we usually will refer you back to the manufacturer or lead you to a source of information to help you find the answer. As you can imagine with over 20,000 different items it is impossible to have the right answer for everything.

Any feedback is highly appreciated because we do listen and are willing to learn from your experiences.

Thank you,
  Vetco Staff