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Magnets are surprisingly hard to find these days but not when you shop at Vetco Electronics! Quickly Browse Through our Selection.

Need Strong Magnets?

We have more than just your ordinary Magnets. Vetco Specializes in Rare Earth Magnets, which are made of different alloys such as neodymium. This makes them much stronger than standard magnets. You'll have never felt such a strong attraction.

Ball or Marble Shaped Magnets

Vetco's Magnet Store has all kinds of shapes and sizes designed to be used for different purposes. Let your imagination run wild with our fantastic selection.

Snake Egg Magnets that make noise?

That's correct, and can also be highly annoying if you sit near our cubicles. We have a pack of Snake Egg Shaped magnets that make a cool noise when thrown in the air clinging together. The perfect kids gift to keep them entertained for hours.