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NEW Power Cords & Strips PRODUCTS FOR APRIL 2024

Power Cords & Power Strips

Finding a spot to plug in your devices is becoming harder and harder as the number of products you own keeps growing. Vetco Electronics has all the power strips and surge protectors you need. When it comes to powering anything nowadays, its very easy to lose a cord or even lose the space. We have what you need to bring all your products to life in the space you want.

TV & Computer Power Cords That Aren't Standard

You will have no problem hanging that TV on the wall with Vetco power cords. We have angled ones to keep your TV snug on the wall. The longer lengths will give you plenty of room to angle your TV whatever direction you need. We don't just carry the standard power cables but the ones you wish existed. Vetco has all the hard to find power cords!

Never Feel Powerless Again

Leave your power concerns at the door here at Vetco Electronics. We have surge protectors and power strips of all varieties. If you need your USB device protected... We've got you powered. If you don't have enough power behind your TV... we've got you powered. Well... you get the idea. Vetco has a large selection of power strips and has access to even more than we carry in-store. Any questions please let us know or email us on our Contact page.