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3-12Volt DC Toy Motor - 3-Pack

Part number: VUPN6608
3-12Volt DC Toy Motor - 3-Pack
These toy motors operate on 3 - 12 VDC (130 to 200 ma). They will also function as generators. The shaft diameter is 2.0mm. There is a brass pulley friction-fitted to the shaft - perfect for driving a rubber belt or rubber band. The pulley can be removed, if desired, with a few taps from a pin-punch. These motors have 6" flexible wire leads. Dimensions: 22mm Diameter x 22mm Long. The shaft length is 6.5mm.

The motors were received as excess inventory from a local equipment manufacturer, and have spent some time sitting in a warehouse. As such, they may require a drop of oil (3-in-one, WD40, etc) applied to the bushing for smooth operation.

This is a package of 3 Toy Motors. We have a large, but limited quantity of this item available.

QTY: 3 x 3-12Volt DC Toy Motor
Product condition: New