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NEW Test Equipment PRODUCTS FOR APRIL 2024


With things breaking down every day there is nothing more frustrating than not having the right tools to get the right answers. Vetco Electronics test equipment store has everything you need to get the problems solved the first time.

Professional Oscilloscopes to measure waves

Have you ever wondered if your cable you bought is actually creating or receiving noise? Check here to never wonder again, Vetco has dual channel O-Scopes to measure and compare multiple devices at once. We even have portable options so you can check out your cabling in your car on the go. Perfect for all ages.

Network problems?

Vetco has all types of network test equipment needed to solve your problems. Whether its a simple cable conductivity tester to check if you cables are good, or a network certifier to test and print network speeds, we carry it all.

Don't get stuck with the wrong tools!

Check out our Test Leads section if you want to have some options. Vetco Electronics has all types of test leads in different styles to make any multimeter more versatile. Don't forget to check out our "Probe to Alligator" test lead adapter. One of Vetco staff's personal favorites.