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NEW Cable Management PRODUCTS FOR MAY 2024

Cable Management

With manufactures changing products every year, the way you organize your cables around them has become more important than ever. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a bundle of tangled cables or a trip hazard running over your carpet. Vetco has almost every type of cable management you would need.

Cover Cables over Carpet

Have you ever tripped over a cord in the middle of a busy convention center? Are you tired of using tape to hold your cables down to carpet only to leave the carpet and cables damaged and sticky? Damage your carpet no more with our "Flat Velco Cable Cover that sticks to carpet". This product is re-usable and can be cut to any length. Perfect for a classroom, office or a busy convention center. Never worry about tripping over a cord again with this product.

High Temperature Cable Wrap That Looks Great!

We have the highest quality expandable sleeving made on the market. Our sleeving is woven like a Chinese finger trap and expands and holds cables into nice clean bundles. The sleeving is rated to a continuous temperature of 257 degrees Fahrenheit. It's perfect for your engine compartment. Bundle your cables like the experts.

Finish Off Your Wire Installation Like A Professional

Ever wonder how professional installers make their work look so good? Wonder no more and check out our zip ties and heatshrink sections. Zip ties are perfect for holding cables together and we have different colors and sizes to make labeling easy. Heat shrink is a perfect accessory to finish off a bundle of wire in our expandable sleeving. It's one of those dirty little secrets the professionals do not want you to know. Learn how to clean and organize your cables like a professional here at Vetco Electronics.