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Vetco Electronics • 425-641-7275



Vetco Electronics should be your go to place for any switch needs. We have a great selection and quick shipping options to get your device fixed quickly. We also have expert staff to help you make the proper selection.

We have waterproof switches

Nothing is more frustrating then being all set to go fishing and a switch breaks. A broken waterproof switch can halt any plans if you do not know where to get a replacement. Vetco stocks everything you need from the switch itself to the products that help protect from oxidation and corrosion.

Do not get stuck in the dark

Vetco has all types of lighted switches so you can see in all types of lighting. We have options that are perfect for direct sun light and also options for complete dark. Let us help you get your project done right.

Momentary switches for brief connections

Check out all our momentary switches. Whether you're a professional bull rider who needs to open a cage or a sea captain who likes to toot his own horn, Vetco has what you need. Waterproof momentary switches and ones that even light up.

Prototyping switches and breadboard switches to get your project started

Make sure to think of Vetco Electronics when prototyping any project. We have switches built to make prototyping a lot easier. Check out our "Breadboard & Board Mount Switch" Section.