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NEW Maker / DIY / Learning PRODUCTS FOR APRIL 2024

With modern technology progressing as fast as it is, it’s a really great time to get started on electronics projects of your own. In the process, you can learn a little bit about how everything around you works and maybe even create or customize a few devices yourself. Check out our DIY electronics store for all the equipment you need to get started!

The Best DIY Electronics Store in The Seattle Area

What better place is there to get started than with an educational kit that will teach you the basics? These DIY electronics tools are a fun way to learn about the technology and what it can be used for. We have soldering and non-soldering options so you can start wherever you feel comfortable. We also carry simple wire, magnets, and other DIY electronics parts to help you get started.

Raspberry Pi & 3D Printers

When you’re ready to go a little deeper, our DIY electronics store carries Raspberry Pi devices and 3D printers to help you let your imagination run wild. These DIY electronics tools are very powerful and can be used for some impressive creations.

Get Started With Vetco

Vetco has been supplying DIY electronics parts and other electronic items for over 25 years now. In that time, our team has become well-versed in the technology and is happy to share some of that expertise with you. Send us a message through the contact form on our website or visit our FAQ blogs for more information.

Get started the right way with Vetco’s DIY electronics store!