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Build Cool Things, Potentially Win Some Money! - 2024 Prize Contest

Written by Christopher on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

We are very pleased to announce our 2024

"Build Something Cool and Potentially Win Some Money!" contest!

This Contest Starts 1-25-24, Entry Closes: 06-24-24 and contest ends on 7-4-24


There are three winning tiers:

1st place - $500 Gift Card
2nd place - $200 Gift Card
3rd place - $50 Gift Card

All gift cards issued will be for use only at Vetco Electronics. Online or in store.

Our goal with this contest is to spread awareness of our store and the cool products we carry!

We just got in some really cool products in stock at Vetco!

Any of the following can be purchased from us and your project must utilize at least ONE or more of the follwing parts to enter:

Number 1 - Transparent OLED screens 

Number 2 - AI Machine Vision Sensor 

Number 3 - IoT Single Board Computer w/Color Touchscreen 


Number 1: Transparent OLED Screen 

 Transparent OLED screens that come with a break-out board for easy set up. These are awesome little screens. Check them out for purchase HERE And the ESP32 microcontorller we reccomend using HERE

We have seen AMAZING examples of some things people have made with these little screens. Below are some examples we found on the internet. To be clear, these aren't contest entrys and we don't own the images/videos. We are just showing them here because we though they were so cool that more people needed to see them! They should give great inspiration! Have a look at some of the examples below!


Mukesh Sankhla (or at least thats their channel name) made a fantastic Science Fiction Mask using two of these displays:


HERE is a link to their YouTube video so you can see it for yourself.


Another maker "Frances" made a really cool Weather Station with one of these OLED screens:


Buy it HERE



Number 2: AI Machine Vision Sensor - UART I2C 


Through a UART or I2C port, this machine AI camera can connect popular main control boards like Arduino, micro: bit, Raspberry Pi and LattePanda to help you make very creative projects without playing with complex algorithms. Its really cool because it does all of the onboard processing its self and has a color LCD build into the back.

Buy it HERE



Number 3: IoT Python Single Board Computer SBC with Color Touchscreen 


It features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is equipped with light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone. With built-in co-processor, it is able to communicate with various analog/digital/I2C/UART/SPI sensors and acuators.

Buy it HERE



Now that you have had a chance to see where we are going with this, hopefully you have some great ideas now.

Here are the rules for the contest:

You'll need to buy or have bought the listed part(s) from us (Vetco), and be able to provide proof of purchase! You will also need to post something cool about what you built on your preferred social media. (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) And you should tag us where possible. Vetco Will be reposting the whatever you build on our Social media to inspire customers on what they could possibly build! We reserve the right to use the images and documentation you provide to help other customer replicate whatever you built! Facebook will be our primary source of reposting tabulation.

The coolest project built wins…

That means whatever gets the most REPOSTS by users on Facebook will win. Each repost will be considered a vote for your project. The results of which will all be posted on our Facebook! Contestents that win will also be contacted via the email used to enter the contest.

We will be displaying your projects on our BLOG for everyone to VIEW!

If you want to be kept anonymous that’s cool too! Just Let us know and we can accommodate your privacy. We Just want to show people and inspire customers to potential things that could be built!

You do not need to be in our Area to win. Anywhere in the world is welcome to enter.

This Contest Starts 1-25-24. If you purchased before this date, you are still good to enter! Requirements are simple. Entry closes on: 06-24-24. The Contest will end and the winner will be announced on 7-4-24. We know this is a huge window but we want to give everyone who is busy time to create something cool and feel no rush!

The "nitty gritty"

How to enter:

Email us the proof of purchase from Vetco. Proof can be either an image of your in store receipt, or you can give us your online order number.

The email should have the subject line “Build Something Cool 2024 Contest”. You also need to include a link to where you posted your project so we can view it. If you want to include extra photos or information in your email, that would be awesome. We would be happy to show and include what we can! The contest entry email should be sent to the email address M

It might be a good idea to include some contact information too.

We will email back confirming every entry! So if you didn't receive one from us, you aren't entered and should call us if you are concerned that we missed your entry.


Many will enter, only three can win. There can only be one winner per tier (place).

Fine print also listed on banner: Only those who follow the contest rules can participate, there are only three winner spots, one winner per spot. Not everyone can win. Only winners will receive money!

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