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Product Description

HuskyLens is an easy-to-use AI machine vision sensor with Silicone Case and LCD. It is equipped with multiple functions, such as face recognition, object tracking, object recognition, line tracking, color recognition, and tag(QR code) recognition.

Through the UART / I2C port, HuskyLens can connect popular main control boards like Arduino, micro: bit, Raspberry Pi and LattePanda to help you make very creative projects without playing with complex algorithms.


HuskyLens is pretty easy to use. You can change various algorithms by pressing the function button. Click the learning button, HuskyLens starts learning new things. After that, HuskyLens is able to recognize them.

Additionally, HuskyLens has a 2.0 inch IPS screen built in. So you don’t need to use a PC in the parameters tuning. Enjoy the convenience it brings, what you see is what you get!

HuskyLens is designed to be smart. It has the built-in machine learning technology that enables HuskyLens to recognize faces and objects. Moreover, by long-pressing the learning button, HuskyLens can continually learn new things even from different angles and in various ranges. The more it learns, the more accurate it is. 

HuskyLens adopts the new generation of specialized AI chip Kendryte K210. The performance of this special AI chip is 1,000 times faster than that of the STM32H743 when running a neural network algorithm. With these excellent performances, it is capable of capturing even fast-moving objects.

With the HuskyLens, your projects have new ways to interact with you or the environment, such as interactive gesture control, autonomous robot, smart access control, and interactive toy. There are so many new applications for you to explore.

HuskyLens' object-tracking skills can be used to learn specific gestures. It is able to recognize those learned hand movement patterns and feed their positions. With these data, creating awesome interactive projects are never so easy.

HuskyLens can detect and follow lines. Line follower is not something new, there are plenty of excellent methods and algorithms in this scenario. However, most of them require tedious parameters tuning. This time, HuskyLens provides a new way to do line following: simply click the button, then it starts learning and tracking new lines. Let's enjoy the fun of making with HuskyLens!

HuskyLens can be eyes of robots. which allows your robot to recognize you, understand your hand gesture commands, or help you put stuff in order, and so on. With Huskylens, nothing is impossible!

HuskyLens AI Vision Sensor Useful Functions

AI Projects made simple by Husky Lens


  • Processor: Kendryte K210
  • Image Sensor: OV2640 (2.0 Megapixel Camera)
  • Supply Voltage: 3.3~5.0V
  • Current Consumption (TYP): 320mA@3.3V, 230mA@5.0V (face recognition mode; 80% backlight brightness; fill light off)
  • Connection Interface: UART, I2C
  • Built-in Display: 2.0-inch IPS screen with 320*240 resolution
  • Built-in Algorithms: Face Recognition, Object Tracking, Object Recognition, Line Tracking, Color Recognition, Tag Recognition 
  • Dimension: 52mm * 44.5mm / 2.05 x 1.75inch
  • Includes Silicone Case



DIY Projects that others have made with this sensor


Project 1. AI Projects made simple by Huskylens

Introduction: This video has shown the demo of each and every algorithm that is built in this Huskylens, also shown that how you can integrate this product with your favourite Arduino Board.


Project 2. DIY Line Tracking Robot with Huskylens and Romeo

Introduction: This project will demonstrate the line tracking function of Huskylens, and will install HuskyLens to a Devastator tank mobile robot, then Huskylens will control the robot to perform line tracking.



Project 3. Easy Machine Learning on Arduino/Raspberry Pi with HuskyLens!

Introduction: This is a tutorial on how to easily use an Arduino and a Huskylens to do complex artificial intelligence such as facial recognition, object detection, line following, object recognition and more!


Project 4. DIY Amazing Object Tracking Robot using Huskylens

Introduction: This project will show you how you can make an Object Tracking Robot using Arduino.


Project 5. Can a $4 Raspberry Pi Pico Run an AI Project?

Introduction: With the combination of Huskylens and Raspberry Pi Pico, we can quickly build a digital instrumentation solution! And it can be adapted to digitize all kinds of meters!



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