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White Surface-Mount LED, 0603 package, 830 milli-lumens

Part number: VUPN7087

Manufacturer: Avago
Manufacturer's Part Number: HSMW-C192
Datasheet link: Click here for the datasheet (pdf download).

Color White
Luminous Intensity 200 milli-candela
Forward Voltage 3.6 volts
Forward Current 20 mA
Dominant Wavelength 605nm
CIE Chromaticity Coordinates X=0.29; Y=0.27;
Viewing Angle 140°
Luminous Flux 830 milli-lumens
Size 1.6mm L x 0.8mm W x 0.6mm H
Size Code 0603
Lens Type Untinted, Diffused
Product condition: New