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Product Description

This Vetco "Grab Bag" is a box, bin or plastic bag that contains a completely random mix of unknown electronic or mechanical mystery items.

Since these are assembeled in bulk, out of random surplus and stock components, it's a complete mystery as to what you will get in the box/bag.

We don't even know what will be in them! And if you have visited the Vetco Store in person before, you may already be familiar with these awesome bags.

These boxes or bags can weigh anywhere between 0.05 pounds up to 5 pounds. And can be random package size.

These make fantastic stocking stuffers or random gifts for electronics minded friends and family!

The picture is not indicative of the Grab Bag you will get (its an old and generic photo). Current bags are much larger.

Please note, since this is a randomly assembled surplus item, of which we are unaware of the contents, there will be:

-No returns or refunds or credits
-No special contents requests
-No Warranties or replacements, Sold AS-IS

This is NOT a lottery and you are guaranteed to get at LEAST your purchase price worth of product.

This item is sold by weight as scrap and the price is adjusted depending on time of year and scrap/surplus availability, so it is not gambling. We verify that each bag gets the same weight in each for each “scrap season packing event”.

NOTICE: There are NO coins, cash or money included in these grab bags.


SHIPPING: One of these will fit in a FedEx Flat rate, two will not. If you add one to your cart, Flat Rate option will be available on check out, if you add two, it will not be available.

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.