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Two Station Intercom Kit

This kit is a two station intercom. It uses 2 wires to run between each intercom unit. Each unit is self-contained with its own battery, large 3" speaker, microphone, and amplifier.
The amplifier circuit is based on the venerable LM386 Audio Amplifier IC. (Also available from Vetco).

To use the intercom you just push the switch and talk. Releasing the switch automatically turns the intercom off and leaves it ready to receive input from another station. Each intercom station is identical.
If the pads of the push-on switch are shorted together and the switch is removed then one unit can act as a remote listening microphone or "bug". You can remove the speaker so there is no possibility that noise interference will "click" the speaker to give away its position.
For long-term use in this mode 4-wire flat telephone cable or CAT-5 can be substituted to provide battery power from the listening location.

Soldering Iron, Solder, and basic tools are required to complete this kit - (Not included)
QTY: 1 Kit - Includes PC Board, Components and Instruction Sheet / Guide.
Product condition: New