Transistor and Diode Tester
El dt 100

Transistor and Diode Tester

Part number: EL-DT-100
Transistor and Diode Tester
Elenco Part Number: DT-100

This device is a dynamic transistor and diode tester. It features in-circuit testing and polarity indicators for both transistors and diodes.

Diode Testing Features:
  • Checks all types of diodes - germanium, silicon, power, LED and zener
  • Indicates the cathode or anode leads of the diode
  • Operates in-circuit with resistors as low as 5K
Transistor Testing Features:
  • Checks all types of transistors- germanium, silicon, power, RF, audio, switching and FETs
  • Identifies NPN and PNP types, PN or NP junctions
  • High-gain circuit, can test transistors in circuits with base or collector resistors as low as 100 Ohm
  • Measures relative beta of two transistors

This tester features both alligator clip leads for in-circuit testing and an on-board socket for testing loose components. Variable current control knob and easy to read LED indicators for good/bad, NPN and PNP. Runs from 1 x 9VDC battery (not included). Full instruction sheet with schematics and parts list.

QTY: 1 x Transistor and Diode Tester
Product condition: New