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Philmore 65-1030 - SVI / SVT Cable Strain Relief - 5R2

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Product Description

SVI / SVT Cable Strain Relief

This is a bushing for AC power cords. It is the most accepted method of securing AC power cords at the point where they enter or exit a chassis or cabinet. This type of strain relief is generally regarded as permanent and it will prevent damage to the wire as well as securing the wire against any possible in-out motion. Easy to install by drilling the correct sized hole and then squeezing the strain relief around the wire and inserting it into the hole.

These strain reliefs are also perfect for data and audio cables, in addition to power cords and cables.

To select the correct strain relief bushing for your application, look at the wire type and gauge, and then the maximum panel thickness. For applications that are not using the wire listed in the table, go by the approximate wire size instead.
Wire Type: SVI / SVT
Wire Shape: Round
Approximate Wire Size: 0.25" - 0.291"
Mounting Hole: 0.452"
Max Panel Thickness: 0.098"
Overall Depth: 0.433"
Type: 5R2

Constructed out of molded Nylon. This is a 2 piece strain relief - each part is permanently connected by an integral tether to prevent the two halves from becoming separated. UL listed (File number: E-10793).

QTY: 1 x SVI / SVT Cable Strain Relief (Two Pictured)

Product condition: New