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SPDT Knife Switch

Part number: VUPN8253
manufacturer: Servalite
manufacturer part number: KS-613U

Knife switches make great accessories for science fair projects, classroom demonstrations, and general hobby / evil genius uses. While smaller than those used by Dr. Frankenstein, these switches still lend credibility to budding mad scientists.

  • Circuitry: SPDT
  • Action: ON-OFF-ON
  • Dimensions: 2.35" L x 0.88" W x 1.14" T

    Knife switches are very easy to hook up using the built-in screw terminals - no soldering is required. Each switch features mounting holes that allow it to be secured to a panel or work surface.

    These switches carry no official voltage/current rating, so please consider them to be low-voltage DC devices only. Perfect for use as an on-off switch for a steampunk style Arduino electronics project.

    QTY: 1 x SPDT Knife Switch
  • Product condition: New