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Product Description

This is a red COB LED strip that comes with a strip of adhesive on its back. The strip of adhesive is either already attached or may come as a optional strip which you can attach yourself.

These are fantastically bright and are perfect for:

-Computer cases, computer case mods
-Vehicle installation under the hood, under foot wells, as dome lights, under glow and more
-In home lighting, stair lighting and under cabinet lighting
-Camping lighting, tent lighting, boat lighting
-Much, much more!

These strips run on 12VDC but you can use them with 12 volt ac adapters in your home or with DC to DC step converters for alternate voltage applications.


NOTE: these strips REQUIRE ONLY 12 Volts DC. If you supply any more than 12 V, you need to add a voltage regulator OR a current limiting resistor to the circuit or you will burn the strip up due to thermal runaway. If you are using this in a vehicle, then you MUST do the above. Vehicles charge their batteries at around 13 to 14.5 volts, this is enough to destroy these strips and possibly burn them up. By our calculations, if you want to use these in a vehicle, you should get a 27 ohm resistor in at least 1/2 watt. See link below:

-Dimensions: 7" L x 5/8" W.

PACK QTY: 1 Strip per pack

Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -