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PIR Motion Sensor for Arduino

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Product Description

PIR Motion Sensor for Arduino

This sensor detects motion from up to 20 feet away. It is very similar to the motion sensor used in home security systems.
This is a sophisticated passive infrared sensor module that does the "heavy lifting" of detecting motion, filtering, etc, for you. The on-board BIS001 IC chip handles all of the signal processing and outputs a digital high signal when motion is detected. The digital output on this module is very easy to use with an Arduino or other microcontroller.

The module contains trim pots that allow you to adjust timeout to avoid rapid-retriggering of the output. There is also a jumper setting that enables the re-triggering mode. Two mounting holes allow for secure attachment to just about any surface.

Want to experiment further? You can remove the dome shaped fresnel lens to experiment with the underlying pyrolectric sensor.
This module makes a great occupancy sensor. This is a popular module and it's use is well documented. A tutorial is available here:

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