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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE7473
Description: IC-TTL J-K M/S FLIP FLOP
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 12
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

NTE does not provide a datasheet for NTE7473.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
1030-25, 138403, 138403(WURLITZER), 1402501, 1820-0075, 19A116180P15, 2002010072, 2055-141, 236-0009, 276-1803, 2983-26, 30-1,019, 301-576-7, 3520043-001, 43205, 435-23006-0A, 43A223025, 443-5, 477-0412-004, 49A0002-000, 558881, 5602109, 569-0882-673, 7473, 7473-6A, 7473-9A, 7473DC, 7473F, 7473N, 7473P, 7473PC, 801829, 8473, 9004093-03, 935-7212, 9N73, 9N73DC, 9N73PC, B0075660, C3073L(HEP), C3073P, C7473P(HEP), DM7473, DM7473J (Minor mechanical difference exists, but device will fit most applications.), DM7473N, DM8501, DM8501J, DM8501N, EA33X8385, ECG7473, F9N73, F9N73DC, F9N73PC, FJJ121, FLJ121, FLJ125, GE-7473, HD2515, HD2515P, HD7473A, HD7473AP, HD7473P, HEP-C3073L, HEPC3073L, HEP-C3073P, HEPC3073P, HEP-C7473P, HEPC7473P, HL19002, IC-7473, IC-95(ELCOM), IG00027, IP20-0068, ITT7473N, M53273, M53273P, M5327P, M58472P, M7641, MC7473F, MC7473L, MC7473P, MIC7473J, MIC7473N, N7473, N-7473A, N7473A, N7473F, N7473N, NTE7473, PA7001/531, REN7473, RS1803, RS276-1803, RS7473, SFC473E, SK7473, SL16806, SL17242, SMC7473N, SN7473, SN7473J, SN7473N, SN7473N-10, SN8473N, T7473B1, T7473D1, T7473D2, TD1409, TD1409P, TD3473A, TD3473AP, TL7473N, U6AN07359X, U9AN07359X, UPB212C, UPB225C, UPB225D, UPB7473C, US7473A, US7473J, W100, WEP7473, XAA107, ZN7473E, ZN7473F

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Product condition: New