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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE4520B
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 120
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

NTE does not provide a datasheet for NTE4520B.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
026006-000, 026006-001, 06054, 075-004520, 1405201, 150034, 151590, 1820-1150, 1820-1900, 236-0101, 34520DC, 34520PC, 4520, 4520B, 4520BDC, 4520BDM, 4520BE, 4520BFC, 4520BFM, 4520BPC, 4520PPC, 46-13491-3, 51-82822F34, 551-052-00, 6-940, 905-262, 991-026006, 991-026006-000, 991-026006-001, BCL4520B, CD4520, CD4520B, CD4520BC, CD4520BCJ, CD4520BCN, CD4520BD, CD4520BE, CD4520BF, CD4520BM, CD4520BMJ, CD4520BMW, CM4520, CM4520B, CM4520BE, D4520(IC), ECG4520, ECG4520B, F4520B, F4520BC, F4520BDC, F4520BM, F4520BPC, F4520PC, HCC4520B, HCC4520BD, HCC4520BF, HCC4520BK, HCF4520B, HCF4520BE, HCF4520BF, HD14520, HD14520B, HD14520BP, HD14520P, HEF4520B, HEF4520BD, HEF4520BP, HEF4520P, M4520B, M4520BP, MB4520, MB84520, MB84520B, MC14520B, MC14520BCL, MC14520BCP, MC14520BP, MC14520CP, MN4520B, MSM4520, NTE4520B, SCL4520AC, SCL4520AD, SCL4520AE, SCL4520AF, SCL4520AH, SCL4520B, SCL4520BC, SCL4520BD, SCL4520BE, SCL4520BF, SCL4520BH, SK4520, SK4520B, SL58936, TC4520B, TC4520BP, TC4520P, TM4520B, TP4520AN, UPD4520, UPD4520C, W1163

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New