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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE289A
Description: T-NPN, SI-AF PO, PD 0.6 W +
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 23
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE289A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
0020-0250, 0020-0271, 0061-900-05600, 0103-0503/5462, 01-030941, 020-1110-057(SCOTT), 026315-000, 026315-001, 028691-000, 05320064, 0573472, 06105, 06113, 06120119, 06120173, 06120174, 07-28777-83, 07-28778-80, 099-24-1456, 1001-6947, 1001-9636, 1007-3070, 102-0735-02, 1033-6451, 1033-6493, 1063-3535, 1082-1817, 11114062, 1114062, 1157-8630, 1180-2022, 1198-4291, 1200-2093, 1205-7857, 1205-7857(1), 1205-7873(1), 1214-4978, 1214-4978(1), 1217-8588, 1217-8596, 12233800, 1227-4296, 1227-4304, 1231-4720, 130537-1, 130537-2, 130537-3, 130537-4, 130537-5, 13-14085-119, 13-14085-150, 13-14085-151, 13-14085-157, 13-2323-4, 13-23323-5, 13-31013-12, 13-31013-13, 13-31013-28, 1348-4977, 135389, 137159-2, 1414-156, 1414-167, 1414-175-(T0-18), 1414-175(T0-18), 142083-2, 142160, 144039, 144043, 144044, 144047, 145838, 146702, 147245, 148265, 148-5046-002-0, 148-5046-003-0, 148755, 149488(BCE), 149684(BCE), 149864 (Rotate device 180° to conform with original lead configuration.), 150008, 150009, 150010, 150519, 152214, 153334, 153525, 153604, 154807, 155033 (Rotate device 180° to conform with original lead configuration.), 156547, 156896, 17-013, 172317, 176-048-9-001, 1760489002, 176-089-9-004, 18411-110, 1854-0066, 1854-0098, 1854-0218, 1860(SCOTT), 18801-111, 192965, 1C04580, 1C04581, 1C04582, 1C04585, 1C04588, 1C05092, 1C07341, 1C07342, 1C07352, 1C08281, 1C08282, 1C08289, 1C12131, 1C744004, 1W1632, 2000-229, 2003212007, 2003212015, 2004073517, 202101, 202718, 203-5-5100-53750, 203-5-6701-17560, 2035-6701-17560, 203-5-6711-17550, 203-5-7252-27450, 2057A100-69, 2102-14, 2103-13, 2139-301-8508, 2139-302-8501, 2139-304-5609, 2139-304-5706, 2149-301-9100, 2149-301-9508, 2149-302-0807, 2149-302-8501, 2159-301-1406, 2159-301-1707, 21A040-032, 21A118-157, 2210064, 2210244, 2210671, 2210844, 2210901, 2210942, 2210943, 2211163, 2211164, 2211414, 23114015(HOR-OSC), 23114015(HOROSC), 2320643, 2320644, 2320647, 23206471, 2320647M, 2320663, 23206631, 2320663M, 2321647, 2327333, 2330596, 2361571, 252120-TE, 2603, 2603E, 2603F, 2603F(TRANS), 260C33801, 260M00301, 260P06905, 260P28103, 260P28104, 260P31303, 260P33802, 260P33803, 260P33804, 260P338040, 260P33805, 260P338050, 260P33806 (Rotate device 180° to conform with original lead configuration.), 260P416020, 260P41603, 260P416030, 260P41604, 260P416040, 260P41605, 260P419030, 260P41904, 260P419040, 260P41905, 264617, 27S-200-88, 28811-103, 28820-173, 28S-200-101, 28S-910-111, 28ST-2SC1213C, 290P41905, 2N3414, 2N3844, 2N3844A, 2N3854, 2N3854A, 2N5172, 2N5175, 2PC1815, 2PC1815Y, 2PC945, 2PC945Q, 2PC945R, 2SC105B, 2SC1166, 2SC1166-0, 2SC1166D, 2SC1166-GR, 2SC1166GR, 2SC1166-O, 2SC1166O, 2SC1166-R, 2SC1166R, 2SC1166X, 2SC1166-Y, 2SC1166Y, 2SC1175, 2SC1175-C, 2SC1175C, 2SC1175CTV, 2SC1175D, 2SC1175(D,E,F), 2SC1175E, 2SC1175E,D,F, 2SC1175F, 2SC1204, 2SC1204B, 2SC1204C, 2SC1204D, 2SC1205A, 2SC1205C, 2SC1211, 2SC1211(BCE), 2SC1211C, 2SC1211C(BCE), 2SC1211D, 2SC1211D(BCE), 2SC1211E, 2SC1211E(BCE), 2SC1213, 2SC1213(A), 2SC1213A, 2SC1213AA, 2SC1213AB, 2SC1213A-C, 2SC1213A(C), 2SC1213AC, 2SC1213AC1A, 2SC1213AD, 2SC1213AK, 2SC1213AKA, 2SC1213AKB, 2SC1213AKC, 2SC1213AKD, 2SC1213(B), 2SC1213B, 2SC1213BC, 2SC1213(C), 2SC1213C, 2SC1213C21TZ, 2SC1213CD, 2SC1213(D), 2SC1213D, 2SC1213D21TZ, 2SC1213D-24, 2SC1213DC, 2SC1213E, 2SC1213F, 2SC1213G, 2SC1213GN, 2SC1213H, 2SC1213J, 2SC1213K, 2SC1213L, 2SC1213M, 2SC1213-OR, 2SC1213OR, 2SC1213Q, 2SC1213X, 2SC1213Y, 2SC1214, 2SC1214A, 2SC1214(B), 2SC1214B, 2SC1214C, 2SC1214D, 2SC1219, 2SC1220, 2SC1220-003, 2SC1220A, 2SC1220AP, 2SC1220AQ, 2SC1220A(QPR), 2SC1220AR, 2SC1220(E), 2SC1220E, 2SC1220F, 2SC1220P, 2SC1220Q, 2SC1220R, 2SC1246, 2SC1246A, 2SC1246AB, 2SC1246AF, 2SC1246AFB, 2SC1246AFG, 2SC1246AFV, 2SC1246AG, 2SC1246AV, 2SC1246F, 2SC1246FB, 2SC1246FG, 2SC1247, 2SC1247A, 2SC1247AB, 2SC1247AF, 2SC1247AFB, 2SC1247AFG, 2SC1247AFV, 2SC1247AG, 2SC1247AV, 2SC1247F, 2SC1285, 2SC1285S, 2SC1313DC, 2SC1317, 2SC1317A, 2SC1317B, 2SC1317BC, 2SC1317C, 2SC1317D, 2SC1317E, 2SC1317G, 2SC1317GR, 2SC1317L, 2SC1317N, 2SC1317NC, 2SC1317-OR, 2SC1317OR, 2SC1317(P), 2SC1317P, 2SC1317-Q, 2SC1317Q, 2SC1317-R, 2SC1317(R), 2SC1317R, 2SC1317(S), 2SC1317S, 2SC1317-T, 2SC1317T, 2SC1317V, 2SC1317Y, 2SC1318, 2SC1318A, 2SC1318B, 2SC1318C, 2SC1318E, 2SC1318F, 2SC1318G, 2SC1318GN, 2SC1318H, 2SC1318J, 2SC1318K, 2SC1318L, 2SC1318M, 2SC1318NC, 2SC1318(P), 2SC1318P, 2SC1318PQR, 2SC1318(P,R), 2SC1318PR, 2SC1318(Q), 2SC1318Q, 2SC1318QP, 2SC1318QR, 2SC1318-R, 2SC1318(R), 2SC1318-S, 2SC1318(S), 2SC1318S, 2SC1318S,R, 2SC1318T, 2SC1318X, 2SC1318Y, 2SC1361, 2SC1362, 2SC1364-4, 2SC1364-6, 2SC1364A, 2SC1364B, 2SC1364C, 2SC1364D, 2SC1364E, 2SC1364H, 2SC1364K, 2SC1364L, 2SC1364M, 2SC1364-OR, 2SC1364OR, 2SC1364P, 2SC1364R, 2SC1364X, 2SC1364Y, 2SC1372, 2SC1372B, 2SC1372G, 2SC1372V, 2SC1372Y, 2SC137-R, 2SC1627, 2SC1627-0, 2SC1627A, 2SC1627AO, 2SC1627A(OY)-T, 2SC1627A(OY)T, 2SC1627AOYT, 2SC1627AY, 2SC1627-O, 2SC1627O, 2SC1627-Y, 2SC1627Y, 2SC1627-YFA, 2SC1627Y-TPE2, 2SC1627YTPE2, 2SC1684, 2SC1684A, 2SC1684AQ, 2SC1684AR, 2SC1684AS, 2SC1684BL, 2SC1684C, 2SC1684H, 2SC1684HE, 2SC1684HR, 2SC1684-O, 2SC1684P, 2SC1684-Q, 2SC1684(Q), 2SC1684Q, 2SC1684-Q.R, 2SC1684(QR), 2SC1684Q.R, 2SC1684QR, 2SC1684QRS, 2SC1684-R, 2SC1684(R), 2SC1684R, 2SC1684RST, 2SC1684-S, 2SC1684(S), 2SC1684S, 2SC1684(T), 2SC1684T, 2SC1735, 2SC1735(BCE), 2SC1735C, 2SC1735C(BCE), 2SC1735D(BCE), 2SC1735E, 2SC1741R, 2SC1788, 2SC1788P, 2SC1788R, 2SC1788R2, 2SC1788R3, 2SC1959FA, 2SC1959YFA, 2SC1980S, 2SC1980T, 2SC1980U, 2SC2120, 2SC2120-0, 2SC2120(0), 2SC2120-0(TPE2), 2SC2120FA, 2SC2120-O, 2SC2120(O), 2SC2120O, 2SC2120-O(TPE2), 2SC2120O(TPE2), 2SC2120OTPE2, 2SC2120-Y, 2SC2120(Y), 2SC2120Y, 2SC2120YFA, 2SC2120-Y(TE), 2SC2120YTE, 2SC2120Y(TPE2), 2SC2120YTPE2, 2SC2274, 2SC2274-D, 2SC2274D, 2SC2274-DE, 2SC2274-E, 2SC2274(E), 2SC2274E, 2SC2274-F, 2SC2274(F), 2SC2274F, 2SC2274K, 2SC2274K-AA-E, 2SC2274KD, 2SC2274KE, 2SC2274K-F, 2SC2274KF, 2SC2308, 2SC2308B, 2SC2308C, 2SC2511, 2SC2511A, 2SC2511B, 2SC2511C, 2SC2511D, 2SC26003E, 2SC2603, 2SC2603-D, 2SC2603D, 2SC2603-E, 2SC2603(E), 2SC2603E, 2SC2603-F, 2SC2603(F), 2SC2603F, 2SC2603-G (Rotate device 180° to conform with original lead configuration.), 2SC2603(G), 2SC2603G, 2SC2603R, 2SC2603-S, 2SC2603S (Rotate device 180° to conform with original lead configuration.), 2SC2630F, 2SC2669, 2SC2669-0, 2SC2669-R, 2SC2669-Y, 2SC2670, 2SC2670-0, 2SC2670-Y, 2SC2675, 2SC2675R, 2SC2675S, 2SC2710, 2SC2710-0, 2SC2710-Y, 2SC2719, 2SC2719L, 2SC2724, 2SC2724B, 2SC2724-C, 2SC2724C, 2SC2724-CD, 2SC2724-D, 2SC2724D, 2SC2724-E, 2SC2724E, 2SC2724T, 2SC2868, 2SC2868Y, 2SC3114, 2SC3114-R, 2SC3114R, 2SC3114-S, 2SC3114S, 2SC3114-T, 2SC3114T, 2SC3359, 2SC3359-S, 2SC361, 2SC361A, 2SC361B, 2SC361C, 2SC361D, 2SC361E, 2SC361F, 2SC361G, 2SC361GN, 2SC361H, 2SC361J, 2SC361K, 2SC361L, 2SC361M, 2SC361OR, 2SC361R, 2SC361X, 2SC361Y, 2SC362, 2SC362A, 2SC362B, 2SC362C, 2SC362D, 2SC362E, 2SC362F, 2SC362G, 2SC362GN, 2SC362H, 2SC362J, 2SC362K, 2SC362L, 2SC362M, 2SC362OR, 2SC362R, 2SC362X, 2SC362Y, 2SC370, 2SC370-0, 2SC370A, 2SC370B, 2SC370C, 2SC370D, 2SC370E, 2SC370F, 2SC370-G, 2SC370G, 2SC370GN, 2SC370H, 2SC370I, 2SC370J, 2SC370K, 2SC370L, 2SC370M, 2SC370-O, 2SC370OR, 2SC370R, 2SC370-T, 2SC370X, 2SC370Y, 2SC371-0, 2SC371(0), 2SC371A, 2SC371B, 2SC371C, 2SC371D, 2SC371E, 2SC371F, 2SC371G, 2SC371GN, 2SC371G-R, 2SC371H, 2SC371J, 2SC371K, 2SC371L, 2SC371M, 2SC371-O, 2SC371(O), 2SC371O, 2SC371-OR, 2SC371OR, 2SC371-ORG-G, 2SC371-R, 2SC371R, 2SC371-R-1, 2SC371R-1, 2SC371-RED-G, 2SC371RED-G, 2SC371-T, 2SC371T, 2SC371X, 2SC371Y, 2SC378, 2SC378A, 2SC378B, 2SC378C, 2SC378D, 2SC378E, 2SC378F, 2SC378G, 2SC378GN, 2SC378H, 2SC378J, 2SC378K, 2SC378L, 2SC378M, 2SC378-O, 2SC378O, 2SC378OR, 2SC378-ORG, 2SC378-R, 2SC378R, 2SC378-RED, 2SC378X, 2SC378-Y, 2SC378Y, 2SC378-YEL, 2SC394-0, 2SC394(0), 2SC394A, 2SC394AP, 2SC394B, 2SC394C, 2SC394D, 2SC394E, 2SC394F, 2SC394G, 2SC394GN, 2SC394-GR, 2SC394-GRN, 2SC394GRN, 2SC394H, 2SC394J, 2SC394K, 2SC394L, 2SC394M, 2SC394-O, 2SC394(O), 2SC394O, 2SC394-OR, 2SC394OR, 2SC394-ORG, 2SC394-R, 2SC394-RED, 2SC394RED, 2SC394-Y, 2SC394-YEL, 2SC394YEL, 2SC401, 2SC401A, 2SC401AK, 2SC401AL, 2SC401B, 2SC401C, 2SC401D, 2SC401E, 2SC401F, 2SC401G, 2SC401GN, 2SC401H, 2SC401J, 2SC401K, 2SC401L, 2SC401M, 2SC401OR, 2SC401R, 2SC401X, 2SC401Y, 2SC402, 2SC402A, 2SC402B, 2SC402C, 2SC402D, 2SC402E, 2SC402F, 2SC402G, 2SC402GN, 2SC402H, 2SC402J, 2SC402K, 2SC402L, 2SC402M, 2SC402OR, 2SC402R, 2SC402X, 2SC402Y, 2SC403, 2SC403-0Z, 2SC403AL, 2SC403B, 2SC403(C), 2SC403C, 2SC403C-5, 2SC403CG, 2SC403D, 2SC403E, 2SC403F, 2SC403G, 2SC403GN, 2SC403H, 2SC403J, 2SC403K, 2SC403L, 2SC403M, 2SC403-OR, 2SC403OR, 2SC403R, 2SC403(SONY), 2SC403-SP, 2SC403SP, 2SC403X, 2SC403Y, 2SC404, 2SC404A, 2SC404B, 2SC404C, 2SC404D, 2SC404E, 2SC404F, 2SC404G, 2SC404GN, 2SC404H, 2SC404J, 2SC404K, 2SC404L, 2SC404M, 2SC404OR, 2SC404R, 2SC404X, 2SC404Y, 2SC455, 2SC455A, 2SC455B, 2SC455C, 2SC455D, 2SC455E, 2SC455F, 2SC455G, 2SC455GN, 2SC455H, 2SC455J, 2SC455K, 2SC455L, 2SC455M, 2SC455-OR, 2SC455OR, 2SC455R, 2SC455X, 2SC455Y, 2SC509, 2SC509(0), 2SC509-O, 2SC509(O), 2SC509Q, 2SC509-Y, 2SC509(Y), 2SC509Y, 2SC536AF, 2SC536AG, 2SC536(C), 2SC536-D, 2SC536(D), 2SC536DK, 2SC536-E, 2SC536(E), 2SC536ED, 2SC536EH, 2SC536EJ, 2SC536EN, 2SC536EP, 2SC536ER, 2SC536ET, 2SC536EZ, 2SC536-F, 2SC536F1, 2SC536F2, 2SC536FC, 2SC536FP, 2SC536FPD, 2SC536FPE, 2SC536FPF, 2SC536FS, 2SC536FS6, 2SC536FZ, 2SC536-G, 2SC536G-1, 2SC536G1, 2SC536G2, 2SC536GF, 2SC536GJ, 2SC536GK, 2SC536GL, 2SC536GM, 2SC536GN, 2SC536GP, 2SC536GT, 2SC536GV, 2SC536GY, 2SC536GZ, 2SC536J, 2SC536KD, 2SC536KNPD, 2SC536KNPE, 2SC536KNPF, 2SC536L, 2SC536M, 2SC536NPD, 2SC536-OR, 2SC536OR, 2SC536R, 2SC536SPD, 2SC536W, 2SC536X, 2SC536XL, 2SC537, 2SC537-01, 2SC537ALC, 2SC537B, 2SC537BK, 2SC537C, 2SC537-C7, 2SC537C7, 2SC537D, 2SC537D1, 2SC537D2, 2SC537E, 2SC537EF, 2SC537EH, 2SC537EJ, 2SC537EK, 2SC537-EV, 2SC537EV, 2SC537F, 2SC537F1, 2SC537F2, 2SC537FC, 2SC537F-C7, 2SC537FD, 2SC537FJ, 2SC537FK, 2SC537FV, 2SC537(G), 2SC537G, 2SC537G1, 2SC537G2, 2SC537GF, 2SC537GFL, 2SC537GI, 2SC537H, 2SC537HT, 2SC537W, 2SC537WF, 2SC603-E, 2SC603-F, 2SC714A, 2SC714B, 2SC714B(BCE), 2SC714(BCE), 2SC714C(BCE), 2SC714D(BCE), 2SC714F, 2SC714G, 2SC714GN, 2SC714H, 2SC714J, 2SC714K, 2SC714L, 2SC714M, 2SC714OR, 2SC714R, 2SC714X, 2SC714Y, 2SC716, 2SC716B, 2SC716C, 2SC716D, 2SC716E, 2SC716F, 2SC716G, 2SC716GN, 2SC716H, 2SC716J, 2SC716K, 2SC716L, 2SC716M, 2SC716OR, 2SC716R, 2SC716X, 2SC716Y, 2SC724, 2SC724B, 2SC724G, 2SC724V, 2SC724X, 2SC725, 2SC725B, 2SC725G, 2SC725GTMY, 2SC725-O, 2SC725V, 2SC725Y, 2SC734, 2SC734-0, 2SC734A, 2SC734B, 2SC734C, 2SC734D, 2SC734E, 2SC734F, 2SC734-G, 2SC734G, 2SC734GN, 2SC734-GR, 2SC734GR, 2SC734-GRN, 2SC734GRN, 2SC734H, 2SC734J, 2SC734K, 2SC734K/GR, 2SC734L, 2SC734M, 2SC734-O, 2SC734(O), 2SC734O, 2SC734-OR, 2SC734OR, 2SC734-ORG, 2SC734-OY, 2SC734-R, 2SC734(R), 2SC734R, 2SC734-RED, 2SC734RED, 2SC734X, 2SC734-Y, 2SC734(Y), 2SC734Y, 2SC734-YEL, 2SC734YEL, 2SC735-0, 2SC735(0), 2SC7354, 2SC735/4454C, 2SC735A, 2SC735B, 2SC735C, 2SC735D, 2SC735E, 2SC735F, 2SC735(FA-3), 2SC735FA3, 2SC735G, 2SC735GN, 2SC735GR, 2SC735-GRN, 2SC735GRN, 2SC735H, 2SC735J, 2SC735K, 2SC735L, 2SC735M, 2SC735-O, 2SC735(O), 2SC735O, 2SC735-OR, 2SC735OR, 2SC735-ORG, 2SC735-ORN, 2SC735ORN, 2SC735-OY, 2SC735-R, 2SC735R, 2SC735-RED, 2SC735RED, 2SC735X, 2SC735-Y, 2SC735(Y), 2SC735Y, 2SC735Y/4454C, 2SC735-YEL, 2SC735YEL, 2SC773, 2SC773A, 2SC773B, 2SC773(BCE), 2SC773C, 2SC773C(BCE), 2SC773D, 2SC773D(BCE), 2SC773(E), 2SC773E, 2SC773E(BCE), 2SC773F, 2SC773G, 2SC773GN, 2SC773H, 2SC773J, 2SC773K, 2SC773L, 2SC773M, 2SC773OR, 2SC773R, 2SC773X, 2SC773Y, 2SC815, 2SC815-1, 2SC815A, 2SC815B, 2SC815BK, 2SC815C, 2SC815D, 2SC815E, 2SC815F, 2SC815G, 2SC815GN, 2SC815H, 2SC815J, 2SC815K, 2SC815K,L, 2SC815L, 2SC815LJ, 2SC815(M), 2SC815M, 2SC815-O, 2SC815OR, 2SC815P, 2SC815R, 2SC815S, 2SC815SA, 2SC815SC, 2SC815X, 2SC815-Y, 2SC815Y, 2SC838, 2SC8380, 2SC838-2, 2SC838(A), 2SC838A, 2SC838B, 2SC838BL, 2SC838C, 2SC838D, 2SC838(E), 2SC838E, 2SC838(F), 2SC838F, 2SC838(H), 2SC838H, 2SC838HF, 2SC838I, 2SC838(J), 2SC838J, 2SC838(K), 2SC838K, 2SC838(L), 2SC838L, 2SC838(M), 2SC838M, 2SC838-O, 2SC838(O), 2SC838S, 2SC838W, 2SC903E, 2SC903F, 2SC933, 2SC933A, 2SC933B, 2SC933BB, 2SC933C, 2SC933(D), 2SC933D, 2SC933D(F), 2SC933E, 2SC933E(F), 2SC933(F), 2SC933F, 2SC933FB, 2SC933FP, 2SC933FPC, 2SC933FPD, 2SC933FPE, 2SC933FPF, 2SC933FPG, 2SC933(G), 2SC933G, 2SC933GN, 2SC933H, 2SC933J, 2SC933K, 2SC933L, 2SC933M, 2SC933OR, 2SC933R, 2SC933X, 2SC933Y, 2SC938, 2SC938A, 2SC938B, 2SC938C, 2SC938D, 2SC938E, 2SC938F, 2SC938G, 2SC938GN, 2SC938H, 2SC938J, 2SC938K, 2SC938L, 2SC938M, 2SC938-O, 2SC938OR, 2SC938R, 2SC938X, 2SC938Y, 2SC941, 2SC941-0, 2SC941-0Y, 2SC941K, 2SC941-O, 2SC941O, 2SC941(O),(R), 2SC941-OY, 2SC941-R, 2SC941R, 2SC941R-TM, 2SC941TM, 2SC941TM-0, 2SC941-TM(MID), 2SC941-Y, 2SC941Y, 2SC941YO, 2SD1012G (May not be an exact mechanical or electrical equivalent. However, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications.), 2SD1213D-24, 2SD228, 2SD228A, 2SD228B, 2SD228C, 2SD228D, 2SD228E, 2SD228F, 2SD228G, 2SD228GN, 2SD228H, 2SD228J, 2SD228K, 2SD228L, 2SD228M, 2SD228OR, 2SD228R, 2SD228X, 2SD228Y, 2SD603, 2SD603O, 2SD603P, 2SD603Q, 2SD603R, 2SD767, 2SD767Q, 2SD767(R), 2SD767R, 2SD767(S), 2SD767S, 2SD919Q(BCE), 2SD919R(BCE), 2SX1318RS, 301201155, 30200131, 305-003011, 305-003016, 305-003028, 305-003029, 305-003039, 305-003047, 305-003052, 305-003056, 305-003059, 305-03002, 305-03040, 305-03041, 305-03079, 31-116-0, 3175, 32139-304-560, 32139-304-570, 323-5(SYL), 3327-1, 37A-700-99, 37C-200-88, 37C-500-122, 37C-800-90, 38C-200-114, 405-012-7908, 405-012-8004, 405-013-6801, 405-013-7006, 405-017-1901, 405-039-3303, 405-039-3402, 410022274E, 410022274F, 46-861203-3, 46-861407-3, 46-861944-3, 46-86485-3, 46-86545-3, 46-86572-3, 46-86614-3, 46-86673-3, 48-00155119, 48-155150, 4822-130-40932, 482213040932, 4822-130-41203, 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However, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications.), D228, D228A, D228B, D228C, D228D, D228E, D228F, D228G, D228GN, D228H, D228J, D228K, D228L, D228M, D228OR, D228R, D228X, D228Y, D603, D603-O, D603O, D603P, D603Q, D603R, D767, D767Q, D767R, D767S, D767(TRANS), D919Q(BCE), D919R(BCE), EA15X265, EA15X343, EA15X3990, EA15X428, EA15X4533, EA15X479, EA15X494, EA15X500, EA15X509, EA15X7516, ECG289A, EL-403, EN2878, EP15X131, EP15X6, EW15X117, EW15X141, EW15X234, EW15X401, EW15X574, EW15X576, EW15X577, EW15X581, EW15X582, EW15X583, EW15X585, EW15X6, EW15X70, EW15X93, FCS9011, FCS9011D, FCS9011I, FPC1675, FPC945, FU1741, G05-413-B, G05-413-C, G05-413-D, GE-289A, GE-81, H945, H945P, H945Q, H945R, HSE450-RT, HSE453-RT, HSE454-RT, HSE455-RT, HSE456-RT, HT305091Y0, HT312131B0, HT31317100, HT313171Q0, HT404711L0, IC073410, IC121310, IC121390, IC166120, IC168120, IC212000, IC73420, IP-20-0191, IP-20-0231, IP20-0L9L, JA2101, JC546, JC546A, JC546B, JC547, JC547A, JC547B, JC548, JC548A, JC548B, KE8841, KSC2120Y, KTC2120, KTC2120-0, KTC2120-O, KTC2120-Y, KTC2120Y, KTC2120-Y(TR), MPS9416A(EBC), MPS9416AS(EBC), MPS9416AT(EBC), MPS9416(EBC), MPS9416ST(EBC), MPS9417A(EBC), MPS9417AS(EBC), MPS9417AT(EBC), MPS9417T(EBC), MPS9418AS(EBC), MPS9418AT(EBC), MPS9418(EBC), MPS9418G(EBC), MPS9418S(EBC), MPS9418T(EBC), MX3979, MX-4504, MX-4873, MX-5368, MX-5370, MX-5371, N6104350001, NB211E, NE3118, NP5220, NP6515, NTE289A, Q8266R, Q8266S, Q8266T, QQS002SC2120, QQSQQSY02SC1627, QQSY02SC1627, QQSY02SC2120, QSC458, QT-C1318XAG, QT-C1318XGN, RN-EVS-2SC1317-QR, RN-EVS-2SC1684QR, RT5209, SC2308, SH9821, SK3122, SK3124A, SK3124A/289A, SK37730(FISHER), SPS1556, ST-2SC1213C, ST-2SC1213D, ST-2SC1213D-24, ST-2SC454B, T2SC2120Y, TC10013170, TC1T013170, TC30022740, TC300536S0, TC3T022740, TC3T02274F, TC3T2274K0, TC5T021204, TG2SC2274, TG2SC2274E, TG2SC2274F, TIS95, TIS96, TN2SC2002K, TN2SC945-Q, TP1681B1338, TP3704, TP3705, TP3706, TP3707, TP3708, TP3709, TP3710, TP3711, TR2N2924, TR-2N2924-18, TT2SC1627(Y), TT2SC1627Y, TTT-2SC1627AY, TY2SC1652R, ULT3415, VS2SC1166-0-1, VS2SC11660-1, VS2SC1166-1-1, VS2SC1213AC1A, VS2SC1213AC/A, VS2SC1213-C1A, VS2SC1213C1A, VS2SC1213-C1E, VS2SC1213-CIA, VS2SC1213-D1A, VS2SC2120Y/-1, VS2SC2120Y/-1A, VS2SC2120Y/1E, VS2SC2120Y/-A, VS2SC394-1-1, VS2SC394-Y/-1, VS2SC394Y-1, VS2SC735Y-1, VS2SC941-Y/-1, WA6279, Y130213005, ZW0762

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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