NTE2362 - PNP Transistor, SI High-Speed Switch

NTE2362 - PNP Transistor, SI High-Speed Switch

Part number: NTE2362
NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE2362
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 11 (as of 02/13/2017 06:01 AM PST)
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Click here for the datasheet for NTE2362.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at nteinc.com.
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
1390B(TRANS), 186801, 193163, 195510, 206072, 207441, 2327751, 260P254010, 2SA1048, 2SA1048(GR), 2SA1048(GR)-T, 2SA1048O, 2SA1048TP-YGR, 2SA1048TPYGR, 2SA1048-YGR, 2SA1175, 2SA1175A, 2SA1175-E, 2SA1175E, 2SA1175-EF, 2SA1175EF, 2SA1175-F, 2SA1175F, 2SA1175-FEK, 2SA1175-FF, 2SA1175FF, 2SA1175(H), 2SA1175H, 2SA1175-HF, 2SA1175HF, 2SA1175-HFE, 2SA1175HO, 2SA1175(H)-Y, 2SA1175H-Y, 2SA1175(J), 2SA1175J, 2SA1175-JF, 2SA1175JF, 2SA1175JHFE, 2SA1175(J)-Y, 2SA1175K, 2SA1175-KF, 2SA1175KF, 2SA1175R, 2SA1175TP, 2SA1175-Y, 2SA1175Y, 2SA1253, 2SA1253S, 2SA1253T, 2SA1253U, 2SA1267, 2SA1309, 2SA1309A, 2SA1309A(Q), 2SA1309AQ, 2SA1309AQR, 2SA1309A-QRS, 2SA1309AQRS, 2SA1309A-QRSTA, 2SA1309AQRSTA, 2SA1309A(QR)-T, 2SA1309A(Q)Y, 2SA1309A(R), 2SA1309AR, 2SA1309A(R)Y, 2SA1309AS, 2SA1309Q, 2SA1309QR, 2SA1309R, 2SA1309S, 2SA1310, 2SA1310R, 2SA1317, 2SA1317(S), 2SA1317S, 2SA1317SZ, 2SA1317T, 2SA1317U, 2SA1337, 2SA1337C, 2SA1339, 2SA1339R, 2SA1339S, 2SA1339T, 2SA1339U, 2SA1350, 2SA1350C, 2SA1374, 2SA1374C, 2SA1374D, 2SA1378, 2SA1378Y, 2SA1390, 2SA1390B, 2SA1390C, 2SA1390D, 2SA1390D-TZ, 2SA1458, 2SA1458K, 2SA1458L, 2SA1458M, 2SA1481, 2SA1481F, 2SA1767, 2SA1767Q, 2SA1767QTA, 2SB1030, 2SB1030A, 2SB1030AR, 2SB1030AS, 2SB1030R, 2SB1030S, 2SB637, 2SB637K, 2SB637KC, 2SB637KD, 46-861102-3, 46-861296-3, 46-862081-3, 4822-130-62758, 482213062758, 4835-130-47422, 4835-130-47478, 483513047478, 4835-130-47645, 483513047645, 4835-130-47675, 483513047675, 4835-130-47913, 483513047913, 6190100530, 6190100750, 8-729-119-76, 8-729-119-77, 8-729-423-33, 8-729-423-44, 8-729-600-60, 8-729-922-68, 921-1587, 921-1596, 921-1872, 921-1873, 921-1877, 921-1887, 921-1891, 921-2048, 921-2049, A1048, A1048GR(TRANS), A1048O(TRANS), A1048TP-YGR, A1048TPYGR, A1048(TRANS), A1048-YGR, A1048Y(TRANS), A1175, A1175E, A1175E(TRANS), A1175F, A1175FF(TRANS), A1175F(TRANS), A1175H, A1175-HFE, A1175HFE, A1175HF(TRANS), A1175J, A1175JF(TRANS), A1175JHFE(TRANS), A1175J(TRANS), A1175R(TRANS), A1175(TRANS), A1253, A1253S, A1253S(TRANS), A1253T, A1253(TRANS), A1253T(TRANS), A1253U, A1267(TRANS), A1309, A1309A, A1309AQ, A1309AQR, A1309AQRS, A1309A-QRSTA, A1309AQRSTA, A1309A-QRS(TRANS), A1309AQ(TRANS), A1309AR, A1309AR(TRANS), A1309AS(TRANS), A1309A(TRANS), A1309QR, A1309Q(TRANS), A1309R(TRANS), A1309(TRANS), A1310R(TRANS), A1310(TRANS), A1317, A1317S, A1317S(TRANS), A1317T, A1317(TRANS), A1317T(TRANS), A1317U, A1337C(TRANS), A1337(TRANS), A1339, A1339R, A1339S, A1339S(TRANS), A1339T, A1339(TRANS), A1339T(TRANS), A1339U, A1350C(TRANS), A1350(TRANS), A1374C(TRANS), A1374D(TRANS), A1374(TRANS), A1378(TRANS), A1378TY(TRANS), A1390C, A1390C(TRANS), A1390D(TRANS), A1390(TRANS), A1458K(TRANS), A1458L(TRANS), A1458M(TRANS), A1458(TRANS), A1481F(TRANS), A1481(TRANS), A1767, B1030AR(TRANS), B1030AS(TRANS), B1030A(TRANS), B1030R(TRANS), B1030S(TRANS), B1030(TRANS), B637, B637K, B637KC, B637KD, EA15X529, EA15X616, EA15X660, EA15X790, ECG2362, KSA1150, KSA1150G, KSA1150-O, KSA1150R, KSA1150Y, KSA1175, KSA1175G, KSA1175-O, KSA1175Y, KSA1378, KSA1378G, KSA1378-O, KSA1378Y, KTA1267, KTA1267(GR), KTA1267GR, KTZ1267(GR), NQS10KTA1267, NQS10KTZ1267, NTE2362, SK10094, SK10094/2362

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