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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE195A
Description: T-NPN,SI CB RF PO/DR
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 15
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE195A.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
00002SC609, 019-003691, 019-003692, 022-3640-081, 022.3640-081, 022.3640.081, 022-3640-082, 022.3640-082, 022.3640.082, 051-0156, 051-0157, 082022, 082033, 09-302015, 09-302030, 09-302035, 09-302055, 09-302068, 09-302081, 09-302082, 09-309062, 1000-139, 1000-141, 1001-07, 1004-02, 1005-02, 1009-03, 1009-04-17, 1010-14, 1010-17(R.F.), 1011-01, 101436, 1040-04, 1041-77, 1100-75, 110075, 1112-79, 111279, 115304, 1183-17, 120-001798, 120-003151, 120004884, 1223784, 1223785, 1223786, 13-0028, 13-0035, 13-0079, 13-0079A, 130-245, 1482-17, 1487-17, 16304198000, 1700037, 1700038, 176-018-9-001, 176-029-9-002, 176-029-9-003, 176-073-9-003, 19-020-076, 19-020-077, 1916-17, 198005-1, 2000-215, 2006514-61, 2006607-61, 2006623-128, 2027(R.F.), 237028, 260-10-010, 26010010, 26010058, 2904-037, 2904-059, 2N1491, 2N1492, 2N2540A, 2N2949, 2N3554, 2N5702, 2N5710, 2N6375, 2SC1011, 2SC116, 2SC116A, 2SC116B, 2SC116C, 2SC116D, 2SC116E, 2SC116F, 2SC116G, 2SC116GN, 2SC116H, 2SC116J, 2SC116K, 2SC116L, 2SC116M, 2SC116-OR, 2SC116OR, 2SC116R, 2SC116T, 2SC116X, 2SC116Y, 2SC1556, 2SC163, 2SC2035, 2SC2145, 2SC290, 2SC293, 2SC307(CBFINAL), 2SC311, 2SC311A, 2SC311B, 2SC311C, 2SC311D, 2SC311E, 2SC311F, 2SC311G, 2SC311GN, 2SC311H, 2SC311J, 2SC311K, 2SC311L, 2SC311M, 2SC311OR, 2SC311R, 2SC311X, 2SC311Y, 2SC315A, 2SC315B, 2SC315C, 2SC315D, 2SC315E, 2SC315F, 2SC315G, 2SC315GN, 2SC315H, 2SC315J, 2SC315K, 2SC315L, 2SC315M, 2SC315OR, 2SC315R, 2SC315X, 2SC315Y, 2SC38A, 2SC38B, 2SC38C, 2SC38D, 2SC38E, 2SC38F, 2SC38G, 2SC38H, 2SC38J, 2SC38K, 2SC38L, 2SC38M, 2SC38OR, 2SC38R, 2SC38X, 2SC38Y, 2SC438, 2SC446, 2SC456, 2SC456A, 2SC456D, 2SC456-O, 2SC478-4, 2SC478A, 2SC478B, 2SC478C, 2SC478(D), 2SC478D, 2SC478E, 2SC478F, 2SC478G, 2SC478GN, 2SC478H, 2SC478J, 2SC478K, 2SC478L, 2SC478M, 2SC478-O, 2SC478OR, 2SC478R, 2SC478X, 2SC478Y, 2SC478YL, 2SC481, 2SC481A, 2SC481B, 2SC481C, 2SC481D, 2SC481E, 2SC481F, 2SC481G, 2SC481GN, 2SC481H, 2SC481J, 2SC481K, 2SC481L, 2SC481M, 2SC481-OR, 2SC481OR, 2SC481R, 2SC481X, 2SC481Y, 2SC482, 2SC482-0, 2SC482A, 2SC482B, 2SC482C, 2SC482D, 2SC482E, 2SC482F, 2SC482G, 2SC482GN, 2SC482-GR, 2SC482GR, 2SC482-GRN, 2SC482GRN, 2SC482GRY, 2SC482H, 2SC482J, 2SC482K, 2SC482L, 2SC482M, 2SC482-O, 2SC482-OR, 2SC482OR, 2SC482-ORG, 2SC482R, 2SC482X, 2SC482-Y, 2SC482Y, 2SC482-YEL, 2SC482YEL, 2SC502, 2SC571, 2SC580, 2SC608A, 2SC608AA, 2SC608B, 2SC608C, 2SC608D, 2SC608F, 2SC608G, 2SC608GN, 2SC608H, 2SC608J, 2SC608K, 2SC608L, 2SC608M, 2SC608OR, 2SC608R, 2SC608X, 2SC608Y, 2SC614, 2SC614C, 2SC614D, 2SC614E, 2SC614F, 2SC614G, 2SC615, 2SC615A, 2SC615B, 2SC615C, 2SC615D, 2SC615E, 2SC615F, 2SC615G, 2SC615GN, 2SC615H, 2SC615J, 2SC615K, 2SC615L, 2SC615M, 2SC615-OR, 2SC615OR, 2SC615R, 2SC615X, 2SC615Y, 2SC696, 2SC696-4, 2SC696A, 2SC696AA, 2SC696AB, 2SC696AD, 2SC696AE, 2SC696AF, 2SC696AG, 2SC696AH, 2SC696AI, 2SC696B, 2SC696BL, 2SC696C, 2SC696(D), 2SC696D, 2SC696E, 2SC696F, 2SC696G, 2SC696GN, 2SC696GU, 2SC696H, 2SC696I, 2SC696J, 2SC696K, 2SC696L, 2SC696M, 2SC696-OR, 2SC696OR, 2SC696R, 2SC696U, 2SC696X, 2SC696Y, 2SC774, 2SC774B, 2SC774C, 2SC774D, 2SC774E, 2SC774F, 2SC774G, 2SC774GN, 2SC774H, 2SC774J, 2SC774K, 2SC774L, 2SC774M, 2SC774OR, 2SC774R, 2SC774X, 2SC774Y, 2SC775, 2SC775A, 2SC775B, 2SC775C, 2SC775D, 2SC775E, 2SC775F, 2SC775G, 2SC775GN, 2SC775H, 2SC775J, 2SC775K, 2SC775L, 2SC775M, 2SC775OR, 2SC775R, 2SC775X, 2SC775Y, 2SC776, 2SC776A, 2SC776B, 2SC776C, 2SC776D, 2SC776E, 2SC776F, 2SC776G, 2SC776GN, 2SC776H, 2SC776J, 2SC776K, 2SC776L, 2SC776M, 2SC776OR, 2SC776R, 2SC776X, 2SC776(Y), 2SC776Y, 2SC781, 2SC781A, 2SC781AK, 2SC781B, 2SC781C, 2SC781D, 2SC781E, 2SC781F, 2SC781G, 2SC781H, 2SC781J, 2SC781K, 2SC781M, 2SC781OR, 2SC781R, 2SC781X, 2SC781Y, 2SC865, 2SC873, 2SC971A, 2SC971B, 2SC971BK, 2SC971C, 2SC971D, 2SC971E, 2SC971F, 2SC971G, 2SC971GN, 2SC971H, 2SC971J, 2SC971K, 2SC971L, 2SC971M, 2SC971OR, 2SC971R, 2SC971X, 2SC971Y, 2SCF6, 2SCU64M, 305-003026, 321264-2, 36212V1(RF-PWR), 36212V1(RFPWR), 36213A2, 36913, 38122, 386-7182-P001, 386-7182P1, 3868, 38789, 4002, 4004, 4004(E.F.JOHNSON), 4005(E-F-J0HNSON), 4005(EFJ0HNSON), 4007, 40081, 40081V1, 40082, 40082A2, 4011(E.F.JOHNSON), 4011(TRANSISTOR), 4012(E.F.JOHNSON), 4013(E.F.JOHNSON), 4035, 40581, 40953, 40975, 40976, 4802-00007, 4802-00017, 48-134630, 48-83750G03, 48-869061, 48-869125, 48-869147, 48-869174, 48-869186, 48-869187, 48-869260, 48-869271, 48-869285, 48-869355, 48-869430, 48-869431, 5320501, 576-0004-005, 576-0004-006, 576-0004-007, 576-0004-009, 576-0004-011, 576-0004-012, 576-0036-213, 576-0036-913, 7364-6053P1, 741858, 8000-00004-P084, 8000-00005-009, 8000-00005-010, 8000-00006-001, 8000-00011-051, 8000-00011-151, 8000-0004-P083, 8000-0004-P084, 8000-0095-010, 86-674-2, 9404-3, 94043, 9TR11, 9TR4, 9TR6, A066-116, A1-TSS-SND-321, A2416, A270, A274(NPN), A67-15-280, B3465, B3468, BC412, BFS22, BFS23, BSX32, BSX59, C116, C116T, C163, C290(TRANS), C290(TRANSISTOR), C293, C311, C454, C456A, C456D, C456-O, C478, C478_4, C478D, C478YL, C481, C482, C482_GR, C482-GR, C482GR, C482-O, C482X, C482-Y, C482Y, C502(JAPAN), C571, C580, C614, C614D, C614E, C614F, C614G, C615, C615A, C615B, C615C, C615D, C615E, C615F, C615G, C696, C696A, C696B, C696D, C696E, C696F, C696G, C696H, C696I, C774, C775, C776, C776Y, C781, CF6, CXL195, D152(CHAN.MASTER), D152(RF-PWR), D152(RFPWR), EA15X412, ECG195, ECG195A, EQS-56, EQS-57, ES-88, FS1978, FS1978(RF-POWER), FS1978(RFPOWER), FS2523(TO39), GE-195A, GE-219, GE-320, GE-335, GE-45, HEP-S004, HEP-S3001, HEPS3011, HT309714A-O, IC743038, IC743039, IP20-0004, IP20-0004(DRIVER), IP20-0048, IRTR25, IRTR64, IRTR-65, IRTR65, JE9011Q, M9125, M9147, M9174, M9186, M9187, M9260, M9271, M9285, M9355, M9430, M9431, MM1810, MM8004, MPS-8000, MPS8000, MRF8004, NP8000, NTE195A, PL-176-029-9-002, PT1537, PT2040A, PT3141C, PT31961, PT857, PTC158, PTC191, PTC2677C, Q-00869C, Q-01069, Q-01069A, Q-01069B, Q-01184R, Q-01284R, RCA1C05, RE79, RE79A, REN195A, RT-182, S004(HEP), S20445, S-20446, S3001, SK3765, SK3765/195A, SM-7991, SS3935, T1S109, T1S110, T1S111, TIS109, TIS110, TIS111, TIX1392, TIX1393, TIX888, TM195A, TR2SC671, TR-65, VS2SC481-1, WEP65, WEP755, WEP774

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New