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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE194
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 1529
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE194.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
002888-000, 020-1110-038, 020427-000, 022-2876-004, 034A, 09-302130, 0C463K, 100-0495-15, 1040-9068, 1057-2071, 1061-8312, 1061-9068, 1157(GE), 11B1257, 11B1258, 11B1259, 11B1260, 11B556-2, 11B556-3, 11B560-2, 11B560-3, 1201-8180, 121-1020, 121-1020A, 121-1264, 121-1264-01, 121-1264-02, 121-819-01, 121-871, 127-001, 132-1(SYL), 13-28432-1, 13-3014132-1, 13-3015132-001, 13-3015132-1, 13-35807-1, 13-39851-1, 13-67585-4/2439, 13-67585-5/2439, 13-67585-7/2439, 139268, 139269, 140624, 1417318, 1417318-002, 1417321-1, 1417344-001, 1417344-003, 1417344-2, 1417344-3, 14173I8, 142348, 143041, 146-1(MAG), 146-3(MAG), 146572, 146-5(MAG), 1473544, 1473574, 1473602, 14-811-12, 148-3(MAG), 1483(MAG), 148-4(MAG), 151-0250-00, 151-0347-00, 151-0407-00, 16B670-RED, 16B670-YEL, 176-033, 176-033-9-001, 177-019-9-003, 1854-0365, 1854-0474, 1932160, 199807, 21A112-074, 231-0038, 2CY30, 2CY31, 2CY32, 2CY33, 2CY34, 2D020, 2D020-173, 2D020-174, 2N1084, 2N1105, 2N117(T1), 2N118A(T1), 2N118(T1), 2N119(T1), 2N120(T1), 2N1342, 2N1654, 2N1655, 2N1656, 2N1711/TNT, 2N1893/46, 2N1923, 2N1958/18, 2N1959/18, 2N1990R, 2N2008, 2N2391, 2N2392, 2N2459, 2N2516, 2N2518, 2N2519, 2N3033, 2N3034, 2N3413, 2N355, 2N3633/KVT, 2N3798A, 2N4390, 2N4409, 2N4410, 2N477A, 2N478A, 2N4854, 2N4855, 2N5550, 2N-5551, 2N5551, 2N5793, 2N5831, 2N5832, 2N5834, 2N5841, 2N5842, 2N6221, 2N6224, 2N6225, 2N719, 2N719A, 2N720A, 2N755, 2N845, 2N904AS, 2S002, 2S325, 2SA495(IR), 2SA724, 2SA783, 2SA789, 2SA866, 2SA871, 2SB542, 2SB542D, 2SC1199, 2SC1231, 2SC1278, 2SC1278(ECB), 2SC1278S, 2SC1278S(ECB), 2SC1279, 2SC1279S, 2SC1349, 2SC1387, 2SC1412, 2SC1439(ECB), 2SC1457, 2SC1513, 2SC1553A, 2SC1653, 2SC1654, 2SC1658Q, 2SC1707AH, 2SC1719, 2SC1720, 2SC1734H, 2SC1781H, 2SC1811, 2SC1811-1, 2SC1811-2, 2SC1811KC, 2SC212, 2SC2363(ECB), 2SC2363E(ECB), 2SC2363F(ECB), 2SC366A, 2SC366B, 2SC366C, 2SC366D, 2SC366E, 2SC366F, 2SC366GN, 2SC366G-O, 2SC366G-R, 2SC366G-Y, 2SC366H, 2SC366J, 2SC366K, 2SC366L, 2SC366M, 2SC366OR, 2SC366-ORG-G, 2SC366-RED-G, 2SC366X, 2SC367A, 2SC367B, 2SC367C, 2SC367D, 2SC367E, 2SC367F, 2SC367GN, 2SC367G-O, 2SC367G-R, 2SC367G-Y, 2SC367H, 2SC367J, 2SC367K, 2SC367L, 2SC367M, 2SC367-O, 2SC367OR, 2SC367-ORG-G, 2SC367-R, 2SC367-RED-G, 2SC367X, 2SC367-Y, 2SC367-YEL-G, 2SC499, 2SC499A, 2SC499B, 2SC499C, 2SC499D, 2SC499E, 2SC499F, 2SC499FA1, 2SC499G, 2SC499GN, 2SC499H, 2SC499J, 2SC499K, 2SC499L, 2SC499M, 2SC499-OR, 2SC499OR, 2SC499-R, 2SC499(R), 2SC499R, 2SC499-RED, 2SC499RED, 2SC499-R(FA-1), 2SC499-RY, 2SC499RY, 2SC499X, 2SC499-Y, 2SC499(Y), 2SC499Y, 2SC499-YEL, 2SC499YEL, 2SC499-Y(FA-1), 2SC578, 2SC780A, 2SC780A/G, 2SC780B, 2SC780C, 2SC780D, 2SC780E, 2SC780F, 2SC780GA, 2SC780GN, 2SC780G-O, 2SC780G-R, 2SC780G-Y, 2SC780H, 2SC780J, 2SC780K, 2SC780L, 2SC780M, 2SC780OR, 2SC780-ORG-G, 2SC780R, 2SC780-RED-G, 2SC780X, 2SC780Y, 2SC780-YEL-G, 2SC868A, 2SC868B, 2SC868(BCE), 2SC868C, 2SC868D, 2SC868E, 2SC868F, 2SC868G, 2SC868GN, 2SC868H, 2SC868J, 2SC868K, 2SC868L, 2SC868M, 2SC868OR, 2SC868R, 2SC868X, 2SC868Y, 2SC869, 2SC869A, 2SC869B, 2SC869B(BCE), 2SC869(BCE), 2SC869C, 2SC869C(BCE), 2SC869D, 2SC869D(BCE), 2SC869E, 2SC869F, 2SC869G, 2SC869GN, 2SC869J, 2SC869K, 2SC869L, 2SC869M, 2SC869OR, 2SC869R, 2SC869X, 2SC869Y, 2SC896A, 2SC896B, 2SC896C, 2SC896D, 2SC896E, 2SC896F, 2SC896G, 2SC896GN, 2SC896J, 2SC896K, 2SC896L, 2SC896M, 2SC896OR, 2SC896R, 2SC896X, 2SC896Y, 2SC904, 2SC905, 2SC913A, 2SC913B, 2SC913C, 2SC913D, 2SC913E, 2SC913F, 2SC913G, 2SC913GN, 2SC913H, 2SC913J, 2SC913K, 2SC913L, 2SC913M, 2SC913OR, 2SC913R, 2SC913X, 2SC913Y, 2SC914, 2SC915, 2SOO2, 30201445(ECB), 318-1(RCA), 3182, 3182(RAD-SHK), 3182(RADSHK), 318-2(RCA), 321-1(RCA), 34-1017, 344-1(RCA), 344-2(RCA), 344-3(RCA), 34-6016-41, 34-6016-56, 352-9094-00, 35C0727, 3679-1, 39923, 405101-1, 40915, 417-811, 432-1(SYL), 4686-145-3, 46-86716-3, 480-1, 480-1(MAG), 480N1, 48-137238, 48-137278, 48-137332, 48-137386, 48-155071, 48-155095(NPN), 4835-130-47153, 483513047153, 4835-130-47187, 483513047187, 4835-130-47443, 483513047443, 48-90420A01, 48S137386, 497-3112-5-ND, 50202-9, 550-1(SYL), 590-591731, 590-591811, 600-188-1-22, 6101460001, 6101460003, 6101460005, 610148-0003, 6101480004, 610148-4, 6104800001, 610480001, 610480-1, 6104809001, 631-1(RCA), 66F1011, 66X0049-001, 679-1(RCA), 68A7702P1, 707W00272, 7318-2, 7318-2(RCA), 7321, 7321-1(RCA), 7344-1(RCA), 7344-3(RCA), 73B140585-21, 73B140585-22, 73B140585-23, 73B140585-24, 73B140585-25, 73B140585-26, 73B140585-27, 807-1(PHILCO), 807-1(SYL), 819(ZENITH), 851-1(SYL), 860048420, 860051712, 860051802, 86-212-2, 86-515-2, 86-521-2, 86-550-2, 86-557-2, 86-566-2, 86-611-2, 86-615-2, 86-630-2, 86-649-2, 86X0049-001, 86X0120-001, 86X0127-001, 86X0127-001(CBE), 90431, 90448, 921-1284, 935-6070, 991-002888, 991-002888-000, 991-015556, 991-020427, 991-020427-000, 995012, 995025, 995029, 99S034, 99S040, 99S060-1, 99S061-1, 99S070-1, 99S077-1, A133, A-1854-0358-1, A-1854-0365-1, A-1854-0474-1, A-1854-0533, A1854-0533, A650232E, A759, A86-565-2, A8A, A8N, A8Z, BC139A, BC157VI, BC158VI, BC196VI, BC215A, BC215B, BC236, BC308VI, BC382, BC383, BC384, BC395, BC477VI, BC532, BC533, BC682, BCY85, BCY86, BF228, BF297, BF411, BF412, BFR86, BFW21, BFW57, BFW58, BFX66, BFY39/11, BFY501, BSS38, BSY68, C1278, C1278(ECB), C1278S, C1278S(ECB), C1279, C1279S, C1438(ECB), C1439(ECB), C1658Q, C212, C2363(ECB), C2363E(ECB), C2363F(ECB), C2375(ECB), C2375E(ECB), C2375F(ECB), C499, C499R, C499-R(FA-1), C499-RY, C499Y, C499-Y(FA-1), C780-O, C868(BCE), C869B(BCE), C869(BCE), C869C(BCE), C869D(BCE), CDQ1011, CDQ1012, CDQ1014, CDQ1037, CDQ1044, CDQ1045, CK398, CP403, CP703, CS2483, CS4006, CS4007, CS4062, CXL194, D29A10, D29A11, D29A7, D29A8, D38H4, D38H5, D38H6, D38H7, D38H8, D38H9, D38W12, D38W7, D38W8, EA15X1135, EB-134144, ECG194, EL614, EN870, EN871, EP15X19(PLASTIC), ES40(ELCOM), ES97, ES97(ELCOM), FK3502, FK3503, FPN3568, FV3502, FV3503, FX2483, FX3502, GE-220, GES6221, GES98, GI-2713, GI-3402, GI-3404, GI-3414, GI-3566, GI-3638, GI-3638A, GI-3702, GI-3703, GI-3793, GI-3794, HA7206, HA7207, HA9048, HA9049, HA9054, HA9055, HA9056, HA9057, HA9058, HA9059, HA9078, HA9079, HA9531, HA9531A, HA9532, HA9532A, HC-00268, HEP-S0001, HEPS0001, HEP-S0005, HEPS0007, HF40, IP20-0159, IP20-0213, IT2483, IT2604, IT2605, IT2904, IT2905, IT2906, IT2907, JA1300, JE5550, JE5550A, JE5550B, JE5551, JE5551A, JE5551B, KC1400, KSC1400, KT218F, M6, MCS2135, MCS2137, ME0411, ME0413, ME0414, ME0475, ME1100, MPS3567, MPS3568, MPS3569, MPS5551, MPS6590, MPS6591, MPS-H04, MPSH04, MPSH05, MPSL01, MT0414, MT1075, MT1100, NP2008, NP4409, NP4945, NP5550, NP719, NP719A, NPC079, NPC079-98, NTE194, O-15551, O-I5551, PL1032, PN5964, PN5965, PTC123, PTC125, PTC127, Q5135-OY, Q604, RE62, RE78, REN194, REN66, RT-106, RT-109, RT-118, RT-120, RV1059, S0001(HEP), S0005(HEP), SC157, SC157A, SC157VI, SC158, SC158A, SC158VI, SC159, SC159A, SC174, SC174A, SC174B, SC256, SC256A, SC257, SC257A, SC257VI, SC258, SC258A, SC258VI, SC259, SC259A, SE5-0366, SE5-0745, SK3275, SK3275/194, SPS2134, SPS5450, SPS5450S, SPS6713, T1S106, T81901(ZENITH), T819(ZENITH), TIS106, TK82, TM194, TP110(CBE), TP2483, TP2484, TP3568, TPS98, TPS98(CBE), TPS99(CBE), TR1001-2, TR1031-1, TR1031-2, TR-32, TR32, VS2SA495-O/1E, VS2SD666A-C1A, WEP495, WEP64, Z92, ZEN125

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New