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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE192
Description: T-NPN, SI-AF PO
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 18
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE192.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
00002SD261, 000073300, 000073301, 000073302, 000073303, 000073305, 002SC203, 002SC203A, 0031013026, 013-26(MAG), 01-690261, 065-008, 09-302075, 09-302116, 09-302226, 09-303019, 09-30319, 09-309031, 1002-5625, 102-1384-17, 114-1(PHILCO), 114-2(SYL), 115-2(SYL), 118, 1187(GE), 11B556, 11B560, 11C211B20, 12047-0023, 121-843A, 13-0031013-026, 13-23892-5, 13-28392-5, 133176, 13-32630-2, 13-32630-4, 13-39114-3, 134B1040-7, 13-55064-1(WARDS), 1417325-1, 14-602-55, 14-602-70, 14-602-74, 1473625-001, 167-9, 171162-026, 171474-1, 176-074-9-004, 181515417, 1815154/7, 183034, 1A348(R), 1A34(R), 1A38, 1A38(R), 1A38R, 2000-209, 203719, 2057A100-40(NPN), 2057A2-486, 21-0101, 21A040-051(TRANS), 21M192, 21M193, 21M606, 22114210, 2246-17, 229-1301-37, 23114314, 23114915, 23114994, 2320664, 2487424, 2487424(NPN), 24MW1062(NPN), 24MW1152, 25539(H.KARDON), 25840-163, 260P31402, 260Z00401, 261RAX, 2798, 2865101, 29810-175, 2N1206, 2N1253A, 2N1444, 2N1680, 2N1962/46, 2N1964/46, 2N1965/46, 2N2239, 2N2279/51, 2N2368/51, 2N2369/51, 2N2403, 2N2404, 2N245, 2N246, 2N2484A, 2N2926O, 2N2926R, 2N2J374, 2N3052, 2N3053/40053, 2N3295, 2N3374, 2N342, 2N343, 2N3435, 2N343B, 2N3633/52, 2N3981, 2N3982, 2N5320HS, 2N545, 2N5820HS, 2N5822, 2N5856, 2N6014, 2N706M-JAN, 2N709/46, 2N709/51, 2N709A/51, 2N743/46, 2N743/51, 2N744/46, 2N744/51, 2N753/51, 2N784/51, 2N834/51, 2N835/51, 2N907, 2N918/46, 2NL48, 2SC1010D, 2SC1010E, 2SC1010F, 2SC1010G, 2SC1010GN, 2SC1010H, 2SC1010J, 2SC1010K, 2SC1010L, 2SC1010M, 2SC1010OR, 2SC1010R, 2SC1010X, 2SC1010Y, 2SC1346, 2SC1346Q, 2SC1346(R), 2SC1346R, 2SC1346S, 2SC1347, 2SC1347A, 2SC1347B, 2SC1347C, 2SC1347D, 2SC1347F, 2SC1347G, 2SC1347L, 2SC1347(Q), 2SC1347Q, 2SC1347R, 2SC1347RQ, 2SC1347S, 2SC1347X, 2SC1347Y, 2SC1386H, 2SC138B, 2SC138C, 2SC138D, 2SC138E, 2SC138F, 2SC138G, 2SC138GN, 2SC138H, 2SC138J, 2SC138L, 2SC138M, 2SC138OR, 2SC138R, 2SC138X, 2SC139A, 2SC139B, 2SC139C, 2SC139D, 2SC139E, 2SC139F, 2SC139G, 2SC139GN, 2SC139H, 2SC139J, 2SC139K, 2SC139M, 2SC139OR, 2SC139R, 2SC139X, 2SC139Y, 2SC1406(ECB), 2SC1406P(ECB), 2SC1406Q, 2SC1406Q(ECB), 2SC1406R(ECB), 2SC1406S(ECB), 2SC1406X(ECB), 2SC1407, 2SC14070, 2SC1407B, 2SC1407(ECB), 2SC1407P, 2SC1407P(ECB), 2SC1407(Q), 2SC1407Q, 2SC1407Q(ECB), 2SC1407R, 2SC1407R(ECB), 2SC1407S, 2SC1407S(ECB), 2SC1407X, 2SC1407X(ECB), 2SC147A, 2SC147B, 2SC147C, 2SC147D, 2SC147F, 2SC147G, 2SC147GN, 2SC147H, 2SC147J, 2SC147K, 2SC147L, 2SC147M, 2SC147R, 2SC147X, 2SC147Y, 2SC15-0, 2SC15A, 2SC15B, 2SC15C, 2SC15D, 2SC15E, 2SC15F, 2SC15G, 2SC15GN, 2SC15H, 2SC15J, 2SC15K, 2SC15L, 2SC15M, 2SC15OR, 2SC15R, 2SC15X, 2SC15Y, 2SC165, 2SC1682-BL, 2SC1682-GR, 2SC1682V, 2SC16B, 2SC16C, 2SC16D, 2SC16E, 2SC16F, 2SC16G, 2SC16GN, 2SC16H, 2SC16J, 2SC16K, 2SC16L, 2SC16M, 2SC16OR, 2SC16R, 2SC16X, 2SC16Y, 2SC18A, 2SC18B, 2SC18C, 2SC18D, 2SC18E, 2SC18F, 2SC18G, 2SC18GN, 2SC18H, 2SC18J, 2SC18K, 2SC18L, 2SC18M, 2SC18OR, 2SC18R, 2SC18X, 2SC200A, 2SC200B, 2SC200C, 2SC200D, 2SC200E, 2SC200F, 2SC200G, 2SC200GN, 2SC200H, 2SC200J, 2SC200K, 2SC200L, 2SC200M, 2SC200OR, 2SC200R, 2SC200X, 2SC200Y, 2SC201A, 2SC201B, 2SC201C, 2SC201D, 2SC201E, 2SC201F, 2SC201G, 2SC201GN, 2SC201H, 2SC201J, 2SC201K, 2SC201L, 2SC201M, 2SC201R, 2SC201X, 2SC201Y, 2SC202A, 2SC202B, 2SC202C, 2SC202D, 2SC202E, 2SC202F, 2SC202G, 2SC202GN, 2SC202H, 2SC202J, 2SC202K, 2SC202L, 2SC202M, 2SC202OR, 2SC202R, 2SC202X, 2SC202Y, 2SC203A, 2SC203B, 2SC203C, 2SC203D, 2SC203E, 2SC203F, 2SC203G, 2SC203GN, 2SC203H, 2SC203J, 2SC203K, 2SC203L, 2SC203M, 2SC203OR, 2SC203R, 2SC203X, 2SC203Y, 2SC204A, 2SC204B, 2SC204C, 2SC204D, 2SC204E, 2SC204F, 2SC204G, 2SC204GN, 2SC204H, 2SC204J, 2SC204K, 2SC204L, 2SC204M, 2SC204OR, 2SC204R, 2SC204X, 2SC204Y, 2SC205A, 2SC205B, 2SC205C, 2SC205D, 2SC205F, 2SC205G, 2SC205GN, 2SC205H, 2SC205J, 2SC205K, 2SC205L, 2SC205M, 2SC205OR, 2SC205R, 2SC205X, 2SC205Y, 2SC230A, 2SC230B, 2SC230C, 2SC230D, 2SC230E, 2SC230F, 2SC230G, 2SC230GN, 2SC230H, 2SC230J, 2SC230K, 2SC230L, 2SC230M, 2SC230OR, 2SC230R, 2SC230X, 2SC230Y, 2SC260, 2SC261, 2SC262, 2SC267B, 2SC267C, 2SC267D, 2SC267E, 2SC267F, 2SC267G, 2SC267GN, 2SC267H, 2SC267J, 2SC267K, 2SC267L, 2SC267M, 2SC267OR, 2SC267R, 2SC267X, 2SC267Y, 2SC26A, 2SC26B, 2SC26C, 2SC26D, 2SC26E, 2SC26F, 2SC26G, 2SC26GN, 2SC26H, 2SC26J, 2SC26K, 2SC26L, 2SC26M, 2SC26OR, 2SC26R, 2SC26X, 2SC26Y, 2SC285B, 2SC285C, 2SC285D, 2SC285E, 2SC285F, 2SC285G, 2SC285GN, 2SC285H, 2SC285J, 2SC285K, 2SC285L, 2SC285M, 2SC285OR, 2SC285R, 2SC285X, 2SC285Y, 2SC288A1, 2SC288AB, 2SC288B, 2SC288C, 2SC288D, 2SC288E, 2SC288F, 2SC288G, 2SC288GN, 2SC288H, 2SC288J, 2SC288K, 2SC288L, 2SC288M, 2SC288OR, 2SC288R, 2SC288X, 2SC288Y, 2SC300A, 2SC300B, 2SC300C, 2SC300D, 2SC300E, 2SC300F, 2SC300G, 2SC300GN, 2SC300H, 2SC300J, 2SC300K, 2SC300L, 2SC300M, 2SC300OR, 2SC300R, 2SC300X, 2SC300Y, 2SC301A, 2SC301B, 2SC301C, 2SC301D, 2SC301E, 2SC301F, 2SC301G, 2SC301GN, 2SC301H, 2SC301J, 2SC301K, 2SC301L, 2SC301M, 2SC301OR, 2SC301R, 2SC301X, 2SC301Y, 2SC302A, 2SC302B, 2SC302C, 2SC302D, 2SC302E, 2SC302F, 2SC302G, 2SC302GN, 2SC302H, 2SC302J, 2SC302K, 2SC302L, 2SC302M, 2SC302OR, 2SC302R, 2SC302X, 2SC302Y, 2SC303, 2SC304, 2SC305, 2SC305A, 2SC305B, 2SC305C, 2SC305D, 2SC305E, 2SC305F, 2SC305G, 2SC305GN, 2SC305H, 2SC305J, 2SC305K, 2SC305L, 2SC305M, 2SC305OR, 2SC305R, 2SC305X, 2SC305Y, 2SC317A, 2SC317B, 2SC317D, 2SC317E, 2SC317F, 2SC317G, 2SC317GN, 2SC317H, 2SC317J, 2SC317K, 2SC317L, 2SC317M, 2SC317OR, 2SC317R, 2SC317X, 2SC317Y, 2SC33A, 2SC33B, 2SC33C, 2SC33D, 2SC33E, 2SC33F, 2SC33G, 2SC33GN, 2SC33H, 2SC33J, 2SC33K, 2SC33L, 2SC33M, 2SC33OR, 2SC33R, 2SC33X, 2SC33Y, 2SC396A, 2SC396B, 2SC396C, 2SC396D, 2SC396E, 2SC396F, 2SC396G, 2SC396GN, 2SC396GR, 2SC396H, 2SC396J, 2SC396K, 2SC396L, 2SC396M, 2SC396OR, 2SC396R, 2SC396X, 2SC396Y, 2SC444, 2SC47A, 2SC47B, 2SC47C, 2SC47D, 2SC47E, 2SC47G, 2SC47GN, 2SC47H, 2SC47J, 2SC47K, 2SC47L, 2SC47M, 2SC47OR, 2SC47R, 2SC47X, 2SC47Y, 2SC52A, 2SC52B, 2SC52C, 2SC52D, 2SC52E, 2SC52F, 2SC52G, 2SC52GN, 2SC52H, 2SC52J, 2SC52K, 2SC52L, 2SC52M, 2SC52OR, 2SC52X, 2SC52Y, 2SC53A, 2SC53B, 2SC53C, 2SC53D, 2SC53E, 2SC53F, 2SC53G, 2SC53GN, 2SC53H, 2SC53J, 2SC53L, 2SC53OR, 2SC53R, 2SC53X, 2SC53Y, 2SC54A, 2SC54B, 2SC54C, 2SC54D, 2SC54E, 2SC54F, 2SC54G, 2SC54GN, 2SC54H, 2SC54J, 2SC54K, 2SC54L, 2SC54M, 2SC54OR, 2SC54X, 2SC54Y, 2SC566A, 2SC566B, 2SC566C, 2SC566D, 2SC566E, 2SC566F, 2SC566G, 2SC566GN, 2SC566H, 2SC566J, 2SC566K, 2SC566L, 2SC566M, 2SC566OR, 2SC566R, 2SC566X, 2SC566Y, 2SC57, 2SC595A, 2SC595B, 2SC595C, 2SC595D, 2SC595E, 2SC595F, 2SC595G, 2SC595GN, 2SC595H, 2SC595J, 2SC595K, 2SC595L, 2SC595M, 2SC595OR, 2SC595R, 2SC595X, 2SC595Y, 2SC596A, 2SC596B, 2SC596C, 2SC596D, 2SC596E, 2SC596F, 2SC596G, 2SC596GN, 2SC596H, 2SC596J, 2SC596K, 2SC596L, 2SC596M, 2SC596OR, 2SC596R, 2SC596X, 2SC596Y, 2SC621A, 2SC621B, 2SC621C, 2SC621D, 2SC621E, 2SC621F, 2SC621G, 2SC621GN, 2SC621H, 2SC621J, 2SC621K, 2SC621L, 2SC621M, 2SC621OR, 2SC621R, 2SC621X, 2SC621Y, 2SC622A, 2SC622B, 2SC622C, 2SC622D, 2SC622E, 2SC622F, 2SC622G, 2SC622GN, 2SC622H, 2SC622J, 2SC622K, 2SC622L, 2SC622M, 2SC622OR, 2SC622R, 2SC622X, 2SC622Y, 2SC62A, 2SC62B, 2SC62C, 2SC62D, 2SC62E, 2SC62F, 2SC62G, 2SC62GN, 2SC62H, 2SC62J, 2SC62L, 2SC62M, 2SC62OR, 2SC62R, 2SC62X, 2SC62Y, 2SC654A, 2SC654B, 2SC654C, 2SC654D, 2SC654E, 2SC654F, 2SC654G, 2SC654GN, 2SC654H, 2SC654J, 2SC654K, 2SC654L, 2SC654M, 2SC654OR, 2SC654R, 2SC654X, 2SC654Y, 2SC67A, 2SC67B, 2SC67C, 2SC67D, 2SC67E, 2SC67F, 2SC67G, 2SC67GN, 2SC67H, 2SC67J, 2SC67K, 2SC67L, 2SC67M, 2SC67OR, 2SC67R, 2SC67X, 2SC67Y, 2SC68A, 2SC68B, 2SC68C, 2SC68D, 2SC68E, 2SC68F, 2SC68G, 2SC68GN, 2SC68H, 2SC68J, 2SC68K, 2SC68L, 2SC68M, 2SC68OR, 2SC68R, 2SC68X, 2SC68Y, 2SC699, 2SC700, 2SC796A, 2SC796B, 2SC796C, 2SC796D, 2SC796E, 2SC796F, 2SC796G, 2SC796GN, 2SC796H, 2SC796J, 2SC796K, 2SC796L, 2SC796M, 2SC796OR, 2SC796R, 2SC796X, 2SC796Y, 2SC802, 2SC814, 2SC847A, 2SC847B, 2SC847C, 2SC847D, 2SC847E, 2SC847F, 2SC847G, 2SC847GN, 2SC847H, 2SC847J, 2SC847K, 2SC847L, 2SC847M, 2SC847OR, 2SC847R, 2SC847X, 2SC848A, 2SC848B, 2SC848C, 2SC848D, 2SC848E, 2SC848F, 2SC848G, 2SC848GN, 2SC848H, 2SC848J, 2SC848K, 2SC848L, 2SC848M, 2SC848OR, 2SC848R, 2SC848X, 2SC848Y, 2SC849A, 2SC849B, 2SC849C, 2SC849D, 2SC849E, 2SC849F, 2SC849G, 2SC849GN, 2SC849H, 2SC849J, 2SC849K, 2SC849L, 2SC849M, 2SC849OR, 2SC849R, 2SC849X, 2SC849Y, 2SC850A, 2SC850B, 2SC850C, 2SC850D, 2SC850E, 2SC850F, 2SC850G, 2SC850GN, 2SC850H, 2SC850J, 2SC850K, 2SC850L, 2SC850M, 2SC850OR, 2SC850R, 2SC850X, 2SC850Y, 2SC87A, 2SC87B, 2SC87C, 2SC87D, 2SC87E, 2SC87F, 2SC87G, 2SC87GN, 2SC87H, 2SC87J, 2SC87K, 2SC87L, 2SC87M, 2SC87OR, 2SC87R, 2SC87X, 2SC87Y, 2SC907B, 2SC907E, 2SC907F, 2SC907G, 2SC907GN, 2SC907J, 2SC907K, 2SC907L, 2SC907M, 2SC907OR, 2SC907R, 2SC907X, 2SC907Y, 2SC966A, 2SC966B, 2SC966C, 2SC966D, 2SC966E, 2SC966F, 2SC966G, 2SC966GN, 2SC966H, 2SC966J, 2SC966K, 2SC966L, 2SC966M, 2SC966OR, 2SC966R, 2SC966X, 2SC966Y, 2SC967A, 2SC967B, 2SC967C, 2SC967D, 2SC967E, 2SC967F, 2SC967G, 2SC967GN, 2SC967H, 2SC967J, 2SC967K, 2SC967L, 2SC967M, 2SC967OR, 2SC967R, 2SC967X, 2SC967Y, 2SC971, 2SC991A, 2SC991B, 2SC991C, 2SC991D, 2SC991E, 2SC991F, 2SC991G, 2SC991GN, 2SC991H, 2SC991J, 2SC991K, 2SC991L, 2SC991M, 2SC991OR, 2SC991R, 2SC991X, 2SC991Y, 2SC992A, 2SC992B, 2SC992C, 2SC992D, 2SC992E, 2SC992F, 2SC992G, 2SC992GN, 2SC992H, 2SC992J, 2SC992K, 2SC992L, 2SC992M, 2SC992OR, 2SC992R, 2SC992X, 2SC992Y, 2SD336, 2SD336R, 2SD336Y, 2T2102, 31-0101, 327-4(SYL), 3458573-1, 34-6007-4, 34-6007-8, 34-6016-44, 34-6016-51, 34-6016-59(NPN), 3523, 362A10, 38510-165, 39741, 39876, 39919, 3L4-6007-41, 3LA-6007-4, 3TE150, 3TE160, 3TE250, 3TE260, 40317L, 40317S, 40320L, 40320S, 40326L, 40326S, 40407L, 40407S, 40450, 40451, 40452, 40453, 40454, 40455, 40456, 4-1792, 4218, 42-22154, 43025539, 43115, 44A417034, 458, 45810-165, 458-3, 46-86398-3, 48-03-10744702, 48-155123, 48-869521, 48M355037, 48R869521, 48S134988, 48S137007, 48S155123, 4935, 510ES030M, 510ES031M, 511ES035P, 511ES036P, 522ES075M, 522ES076M, 523ES077M, 523ES078M, 5320622, 5613-1209, 5613-1209C, 5613-1788R, 57A167-9, 57B162-12, 60172, 6104580003, 62203, 62727128, 62734647, 630-2(SYL), 630-4(SYL), 66F1501, 7A35, 7C13, 7D13, 7E13, 7F13, 7G13, 8000-00004-303, 8000-00012-040, 8113024, 8114024, 8114057, 84026103, 86-601-2, 87-0006, 870006, 921-230B, 935-1205, 94062, 95226-004, 964-22158, 96-5161-01, 977-34, 977-35-03, A188103, A3T2484, A417034, A543, AR-203, AR203(R), AR203RED, AR207, AR218ORANGE, AR218RED, AT7, BC190A, BC190B, BC226, BC302-4, BC302-5, BC302-6, BC377, BC378, BC508, BC509, BC510, BC582, BC582A, BC582B, BC583A, BC583B, BC584, BC737-10, BCW44, BCW51, BCW73-16, BCW74-16, BCW77-16, BCW78-16, BCW82, BCW82A, BCW82B, BCW83A, BCW83B, BCW84, BCW90, BCW90K, BCW91, BCW91A, BCW91B, BCW91K, BCW91KA, BCW91KB, BCY58VII, BCY58VIII, BCY59VII, BCY59VIII, BFR16, BFR40, BFR40T05, BFR51, BFS29P, BFS30, BFS30P, BFS39, BFS59, BFS60, BFT30, BFW29, BFX53, BFX59F, BFX92A, BFY16, BLY27, BLY28, BLY93, BSS23, BSV69, BSX12A, BSY62B, C0C13000-1C, C1330, C1330A, C1330B, C1330C, C1330D, C1330L, C1330R, C1346, C1346R, C1346S, C1347, C1347Q, C1347R, C1347S, C1383R/494, C1406(ECB), C1406P(ECB), C1406Q(ECB), C1406R(ECB), C1406S(ECB), C1406X(ECB), C1407, C1407(ECB), C1407P, C1407P(ECB), C1407Q(ECB), C1407R, C1407R(ECB), C1407S, C1407S(ECB), C1407X(ECB), C261, C744, C814, C853, C853A, C853B, C853C, C853KLM, C853L, C881, C881A, C881B, C881C, C881D, C881K, C881L, C971, CDC-8000-1D, CDC8000-1D, CDQ10044, CGE-63, CJ5206A, COC13000-1C, CS1255M, CS1256HG, CS-1352, CS2023, CS2073M (May not be an exact mechanical or electrical equivalent. However, it will provide an acceptable substitute in the majority of typical applications.), CS-2143, CS9417, CXL192, D00D, D11C3F1, D261A, D261B, D261C, D261D, D261E, D261F, D261L, D28D07, D336, D336R, D336Y, D33D21J1, D33D22J1, D33D24J1, D33D25J1, D33D26J1, D33D27J1, D33D28J1, D33D29, D33D29J1, D33D30, D33D30J1, EA15X274, EA15X349, EA15X4531, EA15X7519, EA3990, ECG192, FD-1029-NS, FS2042, FX4960, GE-63A, GE-663, HD-00261, HEP75, HEP-S0002, HEP-S0003, HEPS0003, HEPS0014, HR38, HR-67, HR67, HR82, HR83, HS3402, HS3403, HS3404, HS3405, HS-40065, HS5810, HS5812, HS5814, HS5816, HS5818, HS5820, HS5822, HS6010, HS6012, HS6014, HS6016, HT314071Q, HT404001E, HX-50103, IRTR-53, J241015(2SC1209C), KDS261-Y, KSD261, KSD261-1, KSD261-O, KSD261-OY, KSD261-Y, KSD261Y, LM8000, M9521, MH1501, MM2193A, MM2261, MM2270, MPS3402, MPS3403, MPS3404, MPS3405, MPS3414, MPS3415, MPS3416, MPS3417, MPS9416A(H.SINK), MPS9416AT(H.SINK), MPS9416(H.SINK), MPS9416ST(H.SINK), MPS9417A(H.SINK), MPS9417AS(H.SINK), MPS9417AT(H.SINK), MPS9417T(H.SINK), MPS9418AS(H.SINK), MPS9418AT(H.SINK), MPS9418G(H.SINK), MPS9418(H.SINK), MPS9418S(H.SINK), MPS9418T(H.SINK), MS1010, MS510, MX-3276, NN7000, NN7001, NN7002, NN7003, NN7004, NN7005, NOS9411, NP3402, NP3403, NP3404, NP4425, NR-141ES, NR-141ET, NS1355, NS1900, NS1960, NTE192, PA9483, PBC184, PET1001, PT2540, PTC178, QS1449, QSD261, RE196, RE70, REN192, S0003(HEP), S2104, S-522, SE1012, SEC1078, SEC1079, SEC1477, SEC1479, SF.T440, SF.T443, SF.T443A, SF.T445, SF.T714, SK9142, SK9142/192, SKA4410, SP8402, ST1504, ST1505, ST402, ST4341, ST5061, STC1336, TCS100, TCS102, TE3417, TE3859A, TE4425, TI-485, TM192, TN79, TN81, TNJ71252, TS2218, TS2219, TV21, TV26, TV28, TVS2SA543, TVSCS1255HF, TVS-CS1256HG, X16E3890, Y133101326(EBC), ZT2270, ZT3053, ZTX303

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New