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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE181
Description: T-NPN, SI-AF AMP, 200 watt, 100 v, 30 amp +
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 39
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE181.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-021280, 001-021290, 005575, 006-000138B, 007-0072-00, 017169, 017169-000, 01H1381, 01H1382, 01H1385, 020-111-023, 020432-001, 024185-000, 029-PC, 03002, 037085BL, 037085BR, 037085GR, 037085OR, 037085R, 037085Y, 04450023-005, 04450023-007, 04450037-001, 044883, 10003, 10-13030-004, 10-13030-005, 101568, 1-021280, 1-023(H.H.SCOTT), 1092, 1092(GE), 11041003-1, 11-11911-1, 1119-4628, 11194628, 1135-2, 113876, 116C3475, 119-0075, 126826(TRANS), 13030-4, 131257, 13-34374-1, 13-34684-1, 133550, 133923, 133925, 1339(GE), 134282, 140612, 1414-192, 1431-7184, 14317184, 14-601-26, 1471132-6, 1471135-2, 150070, 151-0275, 151-0275-00, 152N-2, 152N2C, 156-083, 156-084, 156-104, 1561-0408, 1561-0410, 1561-0608, 1561-0610, 1561-0615, 1561-0803, 1561-0804, 1561-0805, 1561-0808, 1561-0810, 1561-0815, 1561-1004, 1561-1005, 1561-1008, 1561-1010, 1561-1015, 1561A608, 1561A615, 156-83, 1582-0408, 1582-0410, 1582-0415, 1582-0508, 1582-0510, 1582-0608, 1582-0610, 1582-0615, 1582-0803, 1582-0804, 1582-0805, 1582-0808, 1582-0810, 1582-0815, 1582-1003, 1582-1004, 1582-1005, 1582-1008, 1582-1010, 1582-1015, 1582-1208, 1582-1210, 1582-1215, 1582-1810, 162002-071, 16267, 170891-1, 1723-0405, 1723-0410, 1723-0605, 1723-0610, 1723-0805, 1723-0810, 1723-1005, 1723-1010, 1723-1205, 1723-1210, 1723-1405, 1723-1410, 1723-1605, 1723-1610, 1723-1805, 1723-1810, 174-20989-21, 176-040-9-001, 1763-0415, 1763-0420, 1763-0425, 1763-0615, 1763-0620, 1763-0625, 1763-0815, 1763-0825, 1763-1015, 1763-1020, 1763-1025, 1763-1215, 1763-1220, 1763-1225, 1763-1415, 1763-1420, 1763-1425, 1851517, 1854-0245, 1854-0313, 1854-0398, 1854-0490-1, 1854-0566, 1854-0576, 1854-0589, 1854-1124, 1967784, 198064-1, 198079-1, 19A115753P1, 19A115818, 19A116753P1, 19A126826-P2, 1A1123100-1, 1D01140, 2071, 20989-21, 211040-1, 21280, 231-0040, 231-0052, 23190(H.-KARDON), 23190(H.KARDON), 236854, 239713, 267878, 2842-875, 291509, 2N3055-3, 2N3055-6, 2N3055-7, 2N3055-8, 2N3236, 2N3237, 2N3238, 2N3239, 2N3713HS, 2N3716HS, 2N3771, 2N3772, 2N3772C, 2N5301, 2N5302, 2N5303, 2N5616, 2N5629, 2N5881, 2N5882, 2N5885, 2N5885(AUDIO), 2N5886, 2N5886(AUDIO), 2N5972, 2N5973, 2N6254, 2N6257, 2N6258, 2N6326, 2N6327, 2N6328, 2N6359, 2N6360, 2N6472, 2SC1629A(R), 2SC21A, 2SC21B, 2SC21C, 2SC21D, 2SC21E, 2SC21F, 2SC21G, 2SC21GN, 2SC21H, 2SC21J, 2SC21K, 2SC21L, 2SC21M, 2SC21OR, 2SC21R, 2SC21X, 2SC21Y, 2SC240A, 2SC240B, 2SC240C, 2SC240D, 2SC240E, 2SC240F, 2SC240G, 2SC240GN, 2SC240H, 2SC240J, 2SC240K, 2SC240L, 2SC240M, 2SC240OR, 2SC240R, 2SC240X, 2SC240Y, 2SC241A, 2SC241B, 2SC241C, 2SC241D, 2SC241E, 2SC241F, 2SC241G, 2SC241GN, 2SC241H, 2SC241K, 2SC241L, 2SC241M, 2SC241OR, 2SC241R, 2SC241X, 2SC241Y, 2SC242A, 2SC242B, 2SC242C, 2SC242D, 2SC242E, 2SC242F, 2SC242G, 2SC242GN, 2SC242H, 2SC242J, 2SC242K, 2SC242L, 2SC242M, 2SC242OR, 2SC242R, 2SC242X, 2SC242Y, 2SC244A, 2SC244B, 2SC244C, 2SC244D, 2SC244E, 2SC244F, 2SC244G, 2SC244GN, 2SC244J, 2SC244K, 2SC244L, 2SC244M, 2SC244OR, 2SC244R, 2SC244X, 2SC244Y, 2SC493A, 2SC493B, 2SC493C, 2SC493D, 2SC493E, 2SC493F, 2SC493G, 2SC493GN, 2SC493H, 2SC493J, 2SC493K, 2SC493L, 2SC493M, 2SC493OR, 2SC493R, 2SC493X, 2SC493Y, 2SC736A, 2SC736B, 2SC736C, 2SC736D, 2SC736E, 2SC736F, 2SC736G, 2SC736GN, 2SC736H, 2SC736J, 2SC736K, 2SC736L, 2SC736M, 2SC736OR, 2SC736R, 2SC736X, 2SC736Y, 2SC765A, 2SC765B, 2SC765C, 2SC765D, 2SC765E, 2SC765F, 2SC765G, 2SC765GN, 2SC765H, 2SC765J, 2SC765K, 2SC765L, 2SC765M, 2SC765OR, 2SC765R, 2SC765X, 2SC765Y, 2SC768A, 2SC768B, 2SC768C, 2SC768D, 2SC768E, 2SC768F, 2SC768G, 2SC768GN, 2SC768H, 2SC768J, 2SC768K, 2SC768L, 2SC768M, 2SC768OR, 2SC768R, 2SC768X, 2SC768Y, 2SC851A, 2SC851B, 2SC851C, 2SC851D, 2SC851E, 2SC851F, 2SC851G, 2SC851GN, 2SC851H, 2SC851K, 2SC851L, 2SC851M, 2SC851OR, 2SC851R, 2SC851X, 2SC851Y, 2SD111-ORG, 2SD111-RED, 2SD111-YEL, 2SD113, 2SD113-O, 2SD113-ORG, 2SD113-R, 2SD113R, 2SD113-RED, 2SD113-Y, 2SD113-YEL, 2SD114, 2SD114-O, 2SD114-ORG, 2SD114-R, 2SD114R, 2SD114-RED, 2SD114-Y, 2SD114-YEL, 2SD118A, 2SD118-B, 2SD118-BLU, 2SD118C, 2SD118D, 2SD118-R, 2SD118-RED, 2SD118-Y, 2SD118-YEL, 2SD124B, 2SD124C, 2SD124E, 2SD124F, 2SD124G, 2SD124GN, 2SD124H, 2SD124J, 2SD124K, 2SD124L, 2SD124M, 2SD124OR, 2SD124R, 2SD124X, 2SD124Y, 2SD125B, 2SD125C, 2SD125E, 2SD125F, 2SD125G, 2SD125GN, 2SD125H, 2SD125J, 2SD125K, 2SD125L, 2SD125M, 2SD125OR, 2SD125R, 2SD125X, 2SD125Y, 2SD132, 2SD146A, 2SD146B, 2SD146C, 2SD146D, 2SD146E, 2SD146F, 2SD146G, 2SD146GN, 2SD146H, 2SD146J, 2SD146K, 2SD146L, 2SD146OR, 2SD146R, 2SD146VK, 2SD146X, 2SD146Y, 2SD147A, 2SD147B, 2SD147C, 2SD147D, 2SD147E, 2SD147F, 2SD147GN, 2SD147H, 2SD147J, 2SD147K, 2SD147L, 2SD147M, 2SD147OR, 2SD147R, 2SD147X, 2SD147Y, 2SD151A, 2SD151B, 2SD151C, 2SD151E, 2SD151F, 2SD151G, 2SD151GN, 2SD151H, 2SD151J, 2SD151K, 2SD151L, 2SD151M, 2SD151OR, 2SD151R, 2SD151Y, 2SD15A, 2SD15B, 2SD15C, 2SD15D, 2SD15E, 2SD15F, 2SD15G, 2SD15GN, 2SD15H, 2SD15J, 2SD15K, 2SD15L, 2SD15M, 2SD15OR, 2SD15R, 2SD15X, 2SD15Y, 2SD163, 2SD163A, 2SD163B, 2SD163C, 2SD163D, 2SD163E, 2SD163F, 2SD163G, 2SD163GN, 2SD163H, 2SD163J, 2SD163K, 2SD163L, 2SD163M, 2SD163OR, 2SD163R, 2SD163X, 2SD163Y, 2SD164, 2SD164A, 2SD164B, 2SD164C, 2SD164D, 2SD164E, 2SD164F, 2SD164G, 2SD164GN, 2SD164H, 2SD164J, 2SD164K, 2SD164L, 2SD164M, 2SD164OR, 2SD164R, 2SD164X, 2SD164Y, 2SD16A, 2SD16B, 2SD16C, 2SD16D, 2SD16E, 2SD16F, 2SD16G, 2SD16GN, 2SD16H, 2SD16J, 2SD16K, 2SD16L, 2SD16M, 2SD16OR, 2SD16R, 2SD16X, 2SD16Y, 2SD172, 2SD172A, 2SD172B, 2SD172C, 2SD172D, 2SD172E, 2SD172F, 2SD172G, 2SD172GN, 2SD172H, 2SD172J, 2SD172K, 2SD172L, 2SD172M, 2SD172OR, 2SD172R, 2SD172X, 2SD172Y, 2SD173, 2SD173A, 2SD173B, 2SD173C, 2SD173D, 2SD173E, 2SD173F, 2SD173G, 2SD173GN, 2SD173H, 2SD173J, 2SD173K, 2SD173M, 2SD173OR, 2SD173X, 2SD173Y, 2SD17A, 2SD17C, 2SD17D, 2SD17E, 2SD17F, 2SD17GN, 2SD17H, 2SD17J, 2SD17K, 2SD17L, 2SD17M, 2SD17R, 2SD17X, 2SD17Y, 2SD212A, 2SD212B, 2SD212C, 2SD212D, 2SD212E, 2SD212F, 2SD212G, 2SD212GN, 2SD212H, 2SD212J, 2SD212K, 2SD212L, 2SD212M, 2SD212OR, 2SD212R, 2SD212X, 2SD212Y, 2SD231, 2SD232, 2SD249, 2SD250, 2SD319, 2SD335, 2SD338, 2SD339, 2SD41A, 2SD41B, 2SD41C, 2SD41D, 2SD41E, 2SD41F, 2SD41G, 2SD41GN, 2SD41H, 2SD41J, 2SD41K, 2SD41L, 2SD41M, 2SD41OR, 2SD41R, 2SD41X, 2SD41Y, 2SD50A, 2SD50B, 2SD50C, 2SD50D, 2SD50E, 2SD50F, 2SD50G, 2SD50GN, 2SD50H, 2SD50J, 2SD50K, 2SD50L, 2SD50M, 2SD50OR, 2SD50R, 2SD50X, 2SD50Y, 2SD51A, 2SD51B, 2SD51C, 2SD51D, 2SD51E, 2SD51F, 2SD51G, 2SD51GN, 2SD51H, 2SD51J, 2SD51K, 2SD51L, 2SD51M, 2SD51OR, 2SD51R, 2SD51X, 2SD51Y, 2SD520, 2SD53A, 2SD53B, 2SD53C, 2SD53E, 2SD53F, 2SD53G, 2SD53GN, 2SD53H, 2SD53J, 2SD53K, 2SD53L, 2SD53M, 2SD53OR, 2SD53R, 2SD53X, 2SD53Y, 2SD55, 2SD55A, 2SD630, 2SD68A, 2SD68F, 2SD68G, 2SD68GN, 2SD68H, 2SD68J, 2SD68L, 2SD68M, 2SD68OR, 2SD68R, 2SD68X, 2SD68Y, 2SD70A, 2SD70B, 2SD70C, 2SD70D, 2SD70E, 2SD70F, 2SD70G, 2SD70GN, 2SD70H, 2SD70J, 2SD70K, 2SD70L, 2SD70M, 2SD70OR, 2SD70R, 2SD70X, 2SD70Y, 2SD80A, 2SD80B, 2SD80C, 2SD80D, 2SD80E, 2SD80F, 2SD80G, 2SD80GN, 2SD80H, 2SD80J, 2SD80K, 2SD80L, 2SD80OR, 2SD80R, 2SD80X, 2SD80Y, 2SD81A, 2SD81B, 2SD81C, 2SD81E, 2SD81F, 2SD81G, 2SD81GN, 2SD81H, 2SD81J, 2SD81K, 2SD81L, 2SD81M, 2SD81OR, 2SD81R, 2SD81X, 2SD81Y, 2SDF2A, 2SDF2B, 2SDF2C, 2SDF2D, 2SDF2E, 2SDF2F, 2SDF2G, 2SDF2GN, 2SDF2H, 2SDF2J, 2SDF2K, 2SDF2L, 2SDF2M, 2SDF2OR, 2SDF2R, 2SDF2X, 2SDF2Y, 2SDU47X, 30C20-33, 3130090, 3130104, 3190(HARMON-KARDON), 3190(HARMONKARDON), 3-30173, 332-2912, 3373, 34-6002-35, 34-6002-37, 35524, 374-1(SYL), 37476, 3771, 3772-1, 3772-2, 37967, 37974, 38049, 38267, 38268, 38397, 38473, 38491, 386-7270-P2, 38965, 39140, 39196, 39455, 39465, 39466, 39616, 39635, 39751, 40411, 40444, 417-139-13286, 417-214, 417-214-13286, 417-254, 4-245, 4-3023190, 43-023190, 430-23190, 43023190, 43A167885-P1, 43A167885-P2, 43A167885-P3, 445-0034-1, 4-458, 4-490, 44A391593-001, 44A395909-1, 44A-417014-001, 44A4417714, 44A4417714-001, 48-12091A, 48-137116, 48-155140, 48-217241, 48-232796, 4832800, 48-86851C52, 48-869480, 48-869628, 48-869629, 48-869639, 48869715, 48P217241, 48P232796, 48S155053, 497-2584-5-ND, 497-2597-5-ND, 501-023762, 505568, 540-443-510, 5504, 5505, 561-6803-771, 561-6803-772, 561-6805-302, 561-6806-254, 5909-001, 60076, 60115, 60142, 60187, 60-211040, 60234, 60339, 60350, 60380, 60810, 60885, 60991, 61173, 61451, 61456, 62287, 74662, 7-466201, 7-7466201, 7885-1, 7885-2, 7885-3, 8005(PENNCREST), 810063-000, 860-022-01, 86X0117-001, 9000630, 935-0181, 93SE165, 94813000, 96-5315-01, 983055, 98484-001, 992-017169-000, 992-020432-0, 992-020432-001, 992-024185-000, 99S103-1, 99S103-2, 99S103-3, A08-1050115, A1-100-263-001, A1-100-263-002, A-1854-0458, A1-TSS-P00-006, A391593, A-40601, A417014, A4I7014, A580-080215, A580-080315, A580-080515, A5V, A9N, AMF201B, AMF201C, AMF210B, A-PS-1509730-0-0, A-PS-1510196-0-0, B0301-049, B-12822-4, B170000-YEL, B170001-YEL, B170002-YEL, B170003-BLK, B170003-BRN, B170003-ORG, B170003-RED, B170003-YEL, B170004-BLK, B170004-BRN, B170004-O, B170004-ORG, B170004-RED, B170004-YEL, B170005-BLK, B170005-BRN, B170005-ORG, B170005-RED, B170005-YEL, B170006-BLK, B170006-BRN, B170006-ORG, B170006-RED, B170006-YEL, B170007-B, B170007-BLK, B170007-BRN, B170007-ORG, B170007-RED, B170007-YEL, B170008-BLK, B170008-BRN, B170008-ORG, B170008-RED, B170008-YEL, B170017, B170023, B170026, B177000, BD111A, BD311, BD313, BD315, BD317, BDX13, BDX41, BDY-10, BDY10, BDY11, BDY23A, BDY23B, BDY76, BUY43, BUY46, CXL181, D113, D113-0, D113-O, D113-R, D113-Y, D114, D114-0, D114-O, D114-R, D114-Y, D132, D163, D163A, D163B, D163C, D163D, D163E, D163F, D163G, D163GN, D163H, D163J, D163K, D163L, D163M, D163OR, D163R, D163X, D163Y, D164, D164A, D164B, D164C, D164D, D164E, D164F, D164G, D164GN, D164H, D164J, D164K, D164L, D164M, D164OR, D164R, D164X, D164Y, D172, D172A, D172B, D172C, D172D, D172E, D172F, D172G, D172GN, D172H, D172J, D172K, D172L, D172M, D172OR, D172R, D172X, D172Y, D173, D173A, D173B, D173C, D173D, D173E, D173F, D173G, D173GN, D173H, D173J, D173K, D173M, D173OR, D173X, D173Y, D212A, D212B, D212C, D212D, D212E, D212F, D212G, D212GN, D212H, D212J, D212L, D212M, D212OR, D212R, D212X, D212Y, D231, D249, D250, D319, D335, D338, D339, D520, D55, D55A, D630, EA15X123, ECG181, EP15X29, ES43(ELCOM), FBN-36972, FBN-36973, FBN-38022, FD-1029-PC, FD4500AL, G181-725-001, GE-75, GESP-1519, HEP-S7000, HEPS7000, HEPS7004, HF24, ID01140, IRTR36, J3771, J3772, J802, KSD1052, KSD1057, KSD2203, KSD3771, KSD3772, KSD9701, KSD9701A, KSD9704, LM511160, LN75116, M9480, M9628, M9629, M9639, M9715, MJ3771, MJ3771(AUDIO), MJ3772, MJ3772(AUDIO), MJ5257, MJ6257, MJ802, N0282CT, NTE181, P0445-0034-1, P04450034-1, P0445-0034-2, P04450034-2, P04450037, P-11810-1, P-11901-3, P6500A, PMC-QP0040, PP3001, PP3004, PP3007, PP3647, PT7930, PT7931, PTC116, PTC173, PTC173-RT, R2270-75116, RE37, REN181, RT-149, S35487, S7000(HEP), SC0321, SC0328, SCC321, SCD321, SCE321, SDT1621, SDT1622, SDT1623, SDT1631, SDT1632, SDT1633, SDT9303, SDT9306, SDT9309, SJ2047, SJ2064, SJ2517, SJ3519, SJ5168, SJ5216, SJ6868, SK3036, SK3037, SK3511, SK9134, SK9134/181, SP3511, SPC40411, SPD-80059, SPD-80060, SPD-80061, SPT5303, ST101, STC1094, STC2220, STC2221, STC2224, STC2225, STC2228, STC2229, STT2300, STT3500, T841, T842, T843, T844, TK30551, TK30552, TK30555, TK30556, TK30557, TK30560, TK9201, TM181, TR01060-7, TR1009A, TR1039-5, TR-176(OLSON), TR2327574, TR-36, TR36, TR-36MP, TR-8018, TR8018, TVS-2SC646, W1605, WEP222, WEPS7000

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New