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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE126
Description: T-PNP, GE-RF/IF AMP
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 0
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE126.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
0000101, 0000102, 00002SA101, 002-006300, 002-011600, 002SA203AA, 002SC203AA, 0101-0034, 0101-0222, 019-003777, 020-00023, 022-3516-380, 022.3516-380, 022-5311-770, 022-5311-780, 022-5311-798, 03-57-001, 03-57-002, 03-57-101, 03-57-201, 051-0079, 0573002, 0573124H, 0573330, 0573398, 0573427, 0573471, 0573518, 065B, 065B-12, 065B-12-7, 07-3350-57, 080001, 080072, 080206, 080224, 080225, 080228, 080236, 080253, 080274, 080275, 080276, 080277, 089-220, 09-300002, 09-300006, 09-300007, 09-300011, 09-300012, 09-300015, 09-300016, 09-300027, 09-300029, 09-300078, 09-300079, 09-30011, 09-5507-0, 0S22.3516-380, 1003(JULIETTE), 100678, 1007(JULIETTE-TRANS), 1010-89, 101089, 1013-16, 10-2SA49, 1033-1, 1033-2, 1033-3, 1033-4, 104009, 104059, 104-17, 104-19, 104-21, 1061854-2, 111-6935, 112-002, 112041, 1122-96, 115-275, 11527-5, 115275, 116-072, 11607-2, 116072, 116-756, 11675-6, 116756, 117724, 117824, 119526, 120-00190, 120-00213, 120-002513, 120-002515, 120-002518, 120-002656, 120-004048, 120-004492, 1-21-138, 121-150, 121-153, 121-154, 121-161, 121-162, 121-186, 121-187, 1-21-189, 12-1-189, 121-189, 12118-9, 121-228, 121-229, 121-230, 121-231, 121-232, 121-233, 121-240, 1-21-242, 12-1-242, 12124-2, 1-21-243, 12-1-243, 12124-3, 1-21-244, 12-1-244, 12124-4, 121-256, 1-21-257, 12-1-257, 121-257, 12125-7, 121-258, 121-259, 121-260, 121-261, 121-262, 121-263, 121-289, 121-290, 121-292, 121-293, 121-294, 121-295, 121-296, 121-297, 121-298, 121-299, 121-360, 121-381, 121-44, 121-45, 121-491, 121-492, 121-493, 121-494, 121-54, 121-554, 121-555, 121-62, 121-65, 121-66, 121-67, 12180, 122-1648, 122725, 123244, 123511, 124097, 1241-719, 125330, 126185, 128343, 128938, 13-14085-31, 13-14085-32, 13-14085-33, 13-14085-93, 13-14886-1, 13-14887-1, 13-14889-1, 13-18951-1, 13-18951-2, 13-67599-9, 138946, 14-566-08, 14-568-04, 14-582-01, 145-T1B, 1465B, 1465B-12, 1465B-12-8, 1471104-5, 1471104-6, 1471104-7, 1471104-8, 1473598-1, 151-045, 151-1002, 1522210131, 1522210921, 1522211021, 1522214411, 1522214435, 1522214821, 1522216600, 154A3676, 154A3677, 154A3679-5110, 16000190201, 162002-040, 162002-041, 162002-042, 162002-40, 162002-41, 165667, 166908, 166909, 171005, 18493, 18525200, 1865B, 1865B-12, 1865B-127, 1865BL, 1865BL8, 19-020-001, 19-020-002, 19-020-005, 1951-17, 198010-1, 19A115087-P1, 19A115098, 19A115098-P1, 19A115099-P1, 2000646-106, 2000646-109, 2000648-23, 2001653-20, 2001653-21, 2002336-19, 2002403-19, 2008292-87, 2015-00, 2020-00, 2021-00, 2057A100-10, 2057A2-263, 2057A2-37, 2057A2-60, 2057A2-65, 2057A2-66, 2057A2-80, 2057B2-104, 2057B2-105, 2057B2-118, 2057B2-141, 2057B2-35, 2057B2-37, 2057B2-41, 2057B2-42, 2057B2-48, 2057B2-50, 2057B2-51, 2057B2-60, 2057B2-65, 2057B2-66, 2057B2-67, 2057B2-68, 2057B2-70, 2057B2-71, 2057B2-77, 2057B2-79, 2057B2-80, 2057B2-81, 2057B2-88, 2058, 2076393, 2091241-005, 2091241-0719, 2091241-5, 2091241-5A, 21-32, 21-33, 21A040-031, 21M006, 221856, 223487, 225594A, 229-5100-227, 232681, 23-5033, 23785, 23785-1, 24198, 2478, 2478A, 2478B, 2482, 24833(H.KARDON), 24834(H.KARDON), 2488, 2488A, 2489, 2495-012, 2495012, 2495-013, 2495013, 2495-200, 2495200, 2495378, 2495379, 2495488-1, 2495488-2, 249588, 24MW152, 24MW205, 24MW271, 24MW303, 24MW352, 24MW353, 24MW368, 24MW61, 24MW74, 24MW816, 24MW991, 25566-01, 25642-020, 25642-030, 25642-031, 25642-040, 25642-041, 25642-110, 25642-115, 25642-120, 2603-183, 2606-292, 260D0404, 260D04501, 260P1300, 260P13001, 27125230, 2791, 27T412, 28A477, 2904-016, 2904-029, 297V011H01, 297V012H01, 297V012H10, 297V012H15, 297V026H01, 297V034H01, 297V035H01, 297V036H01, 297V036H02, 297V038H06, 297V038H10, 297V038H11, 297V038H12, 297V042H03, 297V042H04, 297V045H01, 297V045H02, 297V054H01, 297V054H02, 297V055H01, 297V063C01, 297V065C01, 297V065C02, 297V065C03, 297V070C01, 297V077C01, 2A, 2AC128, 2E, 2G, 2G344, 2G601, 2G602, 2MC, 2N1003, 2N1004, 2N1042, 2N1043, 2N1107, 2N1108, 2N1108RED, 2N1109, 2N1110, 2N1111, 2N1111A, 2N1111B, 2N1111M1, 2N1111RED, 2N111B, 2N111M1, 2N111M2, 2N112, 2N112M1, 2N1180, 2N1213, 2N1214, 2N1215, 2N1216, 2N1224, 2N1225, 2N1226, 2N123A, 2N128, 2N129, 2N1313, 2N1384, 2N139, 2N1396, 2N1397, 2N1398, 2N1399, 2N140, 2N1400, 2N1401, 2N1401A, 2N1402, 2N140M1, 2N140M2, 2N1425, 2N1426, 2N1427, 2N1499, 2N1499A, 2N1499B, 2N1500, 2N1526, 2N1631, 2N1632, 2N1635, 2N1636, 2N1637, 2N1638/33, 2N1662, 2N1699, 2N2089, 2N2090, 2N2092, 2N2180, 2N2207, 2N2273, 2N231BLU, 2N231RED, 2N231YEL, 2N231-YEL-RED, 2N2363, 2N2451, 2N2456, 2N247, 2N247/33, 2N248, 2N2487, 2N2488, 2N2489, 2N2494, 2N252, 2N2588, 2N275, 2N2783, 2N301G, 2N318, 2N33, 2N344, 2N345, 2N346, 2N370, 2N370/33, 2N370A, 2N371, 2N371/33, 2N372, 2N372/33, 2N373, 2N374, 2N393, 2N409, 2N410, 2N411, 2N412, 2N499, 2N499A, 2N500, 2N500BLU, 2N500RED, 2N500WHT, 2N501/18, 2N501A, 2N502, 2N502A, 2N502B, 2N504, 2N544, 2N544/33, 2N583, 2N584, 2N588, 2N588A, 2N591-6M, 2N602, 2N602A, 2N603, 2N603A, 2N604, 2N604A, 2N605, 2N606, 2N607, 2N608, 2N623, 2N624, 2N640, 2N641, 2N641REDM/F, 2N642, 2N643, 2N644, 2N645, 2N680, 2N694, 2N695, 2N72, 2N75, 2N85, 2N86, 2N87, 2N88, 2N89, 2N90, 2N933, 2N960, 2N964, 2N986, 2NJ50, 2NJ51, 2NJ52, 2NJ53, 2NJ59D, 2S109, 2S110, 2S112, 2S141, 2S142, 2S143, 2S145, 2S146, 2S176, 2S3370, 2S35, 2S36, 2S58, 2S96, 2S97, 2S98, 2SA100, 2SA100B, 2SA100C, 2SA101, 2SA101A, 2SA101AA, 2SA101AY, 2SA101B, 2SA101BA, 2SA101BB, 2SA101BC, 2SA101BX, 2SA101C, 2SA101CA, 2SA101CV, 2SA101CX, 2SA101E, 2SA101OR, 2SA101QA, 2SA101V, 2SA101X, 2SA101Y, 2SA101Z, 2SA102, 2SA1028A, 2SA102A, 2SA102AA, 2SA102AB, 2SA102B, 2SA102(BA), 2SA102BA, 2SA102BA-2, 2SA102BN, 2SA102C, 2SA102CA, 2SA102CA-1, 2SA102D, 2SA102E, 2SA102F, 2SA102G, 2SA102H, 2SA102K, 2SA102L, 2SA102M, 2SA102-OR, 2SA102OR, 2SA102TV, 2SA102TV-2, 2SA102X, 2SA102Y, 2SA103, 2SA103A, 2SA103B, 2SA103C, 2SA103CA, 2SA103CAK, 2SA103CG, 2SA103DA, 2SA103K, 2SA104, 2SA104D, 2SA104P, 2SA108, 2SA109, 2SA110, 2SA111, 2SA112, 2SA113, 2SA121, 2SA122, 2SA123, 2SA124, 2SA125, 2SA131, 2SA132, 2SA133, 2SA134, 2SA136, 2SA137, 2SA139, 2SA141, 2SA141B, 2SA141C, 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2SA203B, 2SA203C, 2SA203D, 2SA203P, 2SA21, 2SA213, 2SA214, 2SA216, 2SA236, 2SA237, 2SA238, 2SA246, 2SA246V, 2SA247, 2SA250, 2SA251, 2SA252, 2SA253, 2SA254, 2SA255, 2SA256, 2SA257, 2SA257A, 2SA257B, 2SA257C, 2SA257D, 2SA257E, 2SA257F, 2SA257G, 2SA257GN, 2SA257H, 2SA257J, 2SA257K, 2SA257L, 2SA257OR, 2SA257R, 2SA257X, 2SA257Y, 2SA258, 2SA258A, 2SA258B, 2SA258C, 2SA258D, 2SA258E, 2SA258F, 2SA258G, 2SA258GN, 2SA258H, 2SA258J, 2SA258K, 2SA258L, 2SA258M, 2SA258OR, 2SA258R, 2SA258X, 2SA258Y, 2SA259, 2SA260, 2SA261, 2SA262, 2SA263, 2SA264, 2SA265, 2SA266, 2SA267, 2SA268, 2SA269, 2SA270, 2SA271, 2SA272, 2SA273, 2SA274, 2SA275, 2SA28, 2SA280, 2SA281, 2SA288, 2SA288A, 2SA289, 2SA29, 2SA290, 2SA291, 2SA292, 2SA293, 2SA294, 2SA295, 2SA30, 2SA301, 2SA305A, 2SA305B, 2SA305C, 2SA305D, 2SA305E, 2SA305F, 2SA305G, 2SA305GN, 2SA305H, 2SA305J, 2SA305K, 2SA305L, 2SA305M, 2SA305OR, 2SA305R, 2SA305-RED, 2SA305X, 2SA305Y, 2SA305-YELLOW, 2SA308, 2SA309, 2SA310, 2SA325, 2SA326, 2SA329, 2SA329A, 2SA329B, 2SA331, 2SA335, 2SA337, 2SA338, 2SA339, 2SA343, 2SA344, 2SA35, 2SA350, 2SA350A, 2SA350C, 2SA350H, 2SA350R, 2SA350T, 2SA350TY, 2SA350Y, 2SA351, 2SA351A, 2SA351B, 2SA351GR, 2SA352, 2SA352A, 2SA352B, 2SA353, 2SA353A, 2SA353-AC, 2SA353C, 2SA354, 2SA354A, 2SA354B, 2SA355, 2SA355A, 2SA356, 2SA357, 2SA358, 2SA359, 2SA364, 2SA365, 2SA366, 2SA366A, 2SA366B, 2SA366C, 2SA366D, 2SA366E, 2SA366F, 2SA366G, 2SA366GN, 2SA366H, 2SA366J, 2SA366K, 2SA366L, 2SA366M, 2SA366OR, 2SA366R, 2SA366X, 2SA366Y, 2SA367, 2SA368, 2SA369, 2SA376, 2SA38, 2SA380, 2SA381, 2SA382, 2SA383, 2SA384, 2SA385, 2SA385A, 2SA385D, 2SA39, 2SA391, 2SA392, 2SA393, 2SA393A, 2SA394, 2SA395, 2SA398, 2SA400, 2SA409M, 2SA412, 2SA427, 2SA428, 2SA43, 2SA436, 2SA437, 2SA438, 2SA446, 2SA447, 2SA449, 2SA45, 2SA45-1, 2SA45-2, 2SA45-3, 2SA453, 2SA454, 2SA455, 2SA456, 2SA457, 2SA466, 2SA466-2, 2SA466-3, 2SA466BLK, 2SA466BLU, 2SA466YEL, 2SA468, 2SA469, 2SA471, 2SA471-1, 2SA471-2, 2SA471-3, 2SA472, 2SA472A, 2SA472B, 2SA472C, 2SA472D, 2SA472E, 2SA474, 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2SB503A-R, 2SB503-R, 2SB50A, 2SB50B, 2SB50C, 2SB50D, 2SB50E, 2SB50F, 2SB50G, 2SB50GN, 2SB50H, 2SB50J, 2SB50K, 2SB50L, 2SB50M, 2SB50OR, 2SB50R, 2SB50X, 2SB50Y, 2SB516(C), 2SB516CD(P), 2SB516(D), 2SB54A, 2SB54BA, 2SB54C, 2SB54D, 2SB54G, 2SB54GN, 2SB54H, 2SB54J, 2SB54K, 2SB54L, 2SB54L1, 2SB54M, 2SB54OR, 2SB54R, 2SB54X, 2SB55A, 2SB55B, 2SB55C, 2SB55D, 2SB55E, 2SB55F, 2SB55G, 2SB55GN, 2SB55H, 2SB55J, 2SB55K, 2SB55L, 2SB55M, 2SB55OR, 2SB55R, 2SB55X, 2SB55Y, 2SB56CK, 2SB56D, 2SB56E, 2SB56F, 2SB56G, 2SB56GN, 2SB56H, 2SB56J, 2SB56K, 2SB56L, 2SB56OR, 2SB56R, 2SB56X, 2SB56Y, 2SB57A, 2SB57B, 2SB57C, 2SB57D, 2SB57E, 2SB57F, 2SB57G, 2SB57GN, 2SB57H, 2SB57J, 2SB57K, 2SB57L, 2SB57M, 2SB57OR, 2SB57R, 2SB57X, 2SB57Y, 2SB59A, 2SB59B, 2SB59C, 2SB59D, 2SB59E, 2SB59F, 2SB59G, 2SB59GN, 2SB59J, 2SB59K, 2SB59L, 2SB59M, 2SB59OR, 2SB59R, 2SB59X, 2SB59Y, 2SB60B, 2SB60C, 2SB60D, 2SB60E, 2SB60F, 2SB60G, 2SB60GN, 2SB60H, 2SB60J, 2SB60K, 2SB60M, 2SB60OR, 2SB60R, 2SB60X, 2SB60Y, 2SB75C-4, 2SB75D, 2SB75E, 2SB75G, 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VS-2SA379, VS-2SA385, VS2SA385L, WEP635, XT300, XT400, ZEN311, ZEN312, ZEN313, ZEN314

Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -