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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE162
Description: T-NPN, SI-VERT DEFL
QTY Per Package: 1

QTY In Stock: 22
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE162.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
020-1111-003, 06119, 09-302159, 1061-6282, 1063-8369, 121-449, 121-829, 121-906, 126900, 13-0033182-001, 13-0033182-002, 13-1025-1, 13-1025-1/A, 132-025, 13-331182-1, 13-33182-1, 13-33182-2, 135352, 14-601-14, 1473564-1, 1473637-1, 171047, 171047(TOSHIBA), 182-1(SYL), 182-2(SYL), 184T2C, 1954170, 1B04, 2057B157-9, 2057B175-9, 21A112-031, 21A112-107, 23114208, 23114317, 23114919, 23114944, 2320271, 2320273, 2321372, 235997, 240404, 260P19909, 260P21901, 260P21908, 269P19009, 293-1(MAG), 293-2(MAG), 2N3865, 2N5264, 2N5559, 2N5758, 2N5759, 2N5760, 2N6216, 2N6307M, 2N6308M, 2S035, 2S036, 2S1454, 2SC101B, 2SC101C, 2SC101D, 2SC101E, 2SC101F, 2SC101G, 2SC101GN, 2SC101H, 2SC101J, 2SC101K, 2SC101L, 2SC101M, 2SC101OR, 2SC101R, 2SC101XL, 2SC101Y, 2SC1079-R, 2SC1106B, 2SC1106C, 2SC1106(K), 2SC1106K, 2SC1106(L), 2SC1106L, 2SC1106(M), 2SC1106M, 2SC1116-O, 2SC1152, 2SC1152(F), 2SC1152F, 2SC1152G, 2SC1185, 2SC1185A, 2SC1185B, 2SC1185C, 2SC1185K, 2SC1185L, 2SC1185M, 2SC1227, 2SC1504, 2SC1870, 2SC198Q, 2SC198R, 2SC2140, 2SC240, 2SC241, 2SC242, 2SC243, 2SC245, 2SC246, 2SC270, 2SC407, 2SC410A, 2SC42, 2SC42A, 2SC42B, 2SC42C, 2SC42E, 2SC42F, 2SC42G, 2SC42GN, 2SC42H, 2SC42J, 2SC42K, 2SC42L, 2SC42M, 2SC42OR, 2SC42R, 2SC42X, 2SC42Y, 2SC43, 2SC44, 2SC492, 2SC519, 2SC519A, 2SC586, 2SC664, 2SC664A, 2SC664(B), 2SC664B, 2SC664(C), 2SC664C, 2SC664D, 2SC664E, 2SC664F, 2SC664L, 2SC664-OR, 2SC664OR, 2SC664R, 2SC664Y, 2SC677, 2SC687, 2SC758, 2SC770, 2SC792, 2SC792FA-3, 2SC808, 2SC885, 2SC886, 2SC887, 2SC888, 2SC889, 2SC898D, 2SC898E, 2SC898F, 2SC898G, 2SC898GN, 2SC898H, 2SC898J, 2SC898K, 2SC898L, 2SC898M, 2SC898OR, 2SC898X, 2SC898Y, 2SC935, 2SC935A, 2SC935B, 2SC935C, 2SC935D, 2SC935E, 2SC935F, 2SC935G, 2SC935GN, 2SC935H, 2SC935J, 2SC935K, 2SC935M, 2SC935-OR, 2SC935OR, 2SC935R, 2SC935X, 2SC935Y, 2SD110, 2SD110-0, 2SD110-O, 2SD110-R, 2SD110-Y, 2SD111, 2SD111-O, 2SD111-R, 2SD111R, 2SD111-Y, 2SD12A, 2SD12B, 2SD12C, 2SD12E, 2SD12F, 2SD12G, 2SD12GN, 2SD12H, 2SD12J, 2SD12K, 2SD12L, 2SD12M, 2SD12OR, 2SD12R, 2SD12X, 2SD12Y, 2SD165, 2SD166, 2SD177, 2SD181, 2SD199, 2SD202, 2SD203, 2SD213, 2SD217, 2SD283, 2SD284, 2SD285, 2SD320, 2SD334, 2SD334A, 2SD334R, 2SD376, 2SD376A, 2SD377, 2SD417, 2SD45, 2SD46, 2SD47, 2SD519, 2SD581A, 2SD59, 2SD598, 2SD60, 2SD604, 2SD657, 2SD67, 2SD672, 2SD677, 2SD67B, 2SD67C, 2SD67D, 2SD67E, 2SD693, 2SD706, 2SD83, 2SD84, 2SD93, 334-377, 34-6002-61, 3564(RCA), 3634, 3637-1(RCA), 3637(RCA), 3647, 41506, 417-101, 417-158, 417-204, 417214, 46-86455-3, 46-86475-3, 46-86522-3, 46-86552-9, 48-134900, 48-137326, 48-137596, 48-155105, 48-86475-3, 48-869279C, 48-869337, 48-869408, 48M355051, 48S137548, 48S155105, 5310200875, 574-844, 60P19009, 610064-1, 610293, 6102930001, 6102930002, 610293-1, 610293-2, 63-12273, 63-13216, 63-13954, 637-1, 637-1(RCA), 637(RCA), 64N1, 6621002300, 707W00270, 7293818, 7293819, 7301664, 7301665, 7301666, 7302699, 7303304, 7313063, 7320-1(RCA), 7356-2(RCA), 7913605, 8-729-345-41, 8-729-345-42, 935-1045, 96-5284-01, A1C, A6738701, A684606, A702, A702(T03-NPN), A702(T03NPN), A8M, A9K, A9P, AMF210C, B170006-O, B170006-R, B170006-Y, B170007-O, B170007-R, B170007-Y, B170008, B176001, B176002, B176003, B2H, BD144, BD160, BDX12, BDX95, BDY54, BDY95, BDY99, BLY49, BLY50, BU104, BU106, BU107, BU110, BU120, BU130, BU131, BUX18, BUX18A, BUX18B, BUY12, BUY13, BUY20, BUY21, BUY21A, BUY22, BUY35, BUY44, BUY55, BUY55-10, BUY55-4, BUY56, BUY56-10, BUY56-4, BUY56-6, BUY72, BUY72-10, BUY72-4, BUY72-6, C1050D, C1050E, C1050F, C1106, C1106A, C1106B, C1106C, C1106K, C1106L, C1106M, C1152, C1152F, C1152G, C1185, C1185A, C1185B, C1185C, C1185K, C1185L, C1185M, C1195, C1504, C240, C241, C242, C243, C245, C246, C270, C407(JAPAN), C42, C42A, C43, C44, C492, C519, C519A, C586, C687, C792/FA-3, C889, C935, CXL162, D110, D110-0, D110-O, D110-R, D110-Y, D111, D111-0, D111-O, D111-R, D111-Y, D165, D166, D177, D181(TRANS), D199, D202, D203, D213(TRANS), D217, D283, D284, D285, D320, D334, D334A, D334R, D376, D376A, D377, D417, D45, D46, D47, D519, D581A, D59, D598, D60, D604, D657, D67, D672, D677, D67B, D67C, D67D, D67E, D693, D706, D83, D84, D88A, DT4303, DT4304, DT4305, DT4306, DTS-0710, DTS0710, DTS103, DTS104, DTS3705, DTS3705A, DTS3705B, DTS-401, DTS401, DTS-402, DTS410, DTS-413, DTS413, DTS423, DTS431, DTS431M, E13-008-00, ECG162, ES33(ELCOM), ES55(ELCOM), ES71(ELCOM), EW15X331, G4N1, GE-72, HEP707, HEP-S5020, HST1050, HST1055, HST1060, ID020030, IR409, IR423, IR-TR61, J1800, J3010, J3026, J3027, JE423, M4900, M9408, MHT7206, MHT7207, MHT7208, MJ-3010, MJ3010, MJ3026, MJ3027, MJ431, MJ7160, MJ7161, MJE423, N0400, NTE162, PTC118, Q5083C, Q5119, Q5119E, Q5119F, Q5120, Q5120P, Q5120Q, Q5120R, Q5199, Q5206, RCA423, RCA425, RCA431, REN162, S5020(HEP), SDT401, SDT-410, SDT413, SDT423, SDT431, SDT9901, SDT9902, SDT9903, SDT9904, SE3030, SE3031, SE9020, SJ2741, SJ3423, SJ3477, SJ3478, SJ5196, SJE3478, SK3079, SK3559, SK3559/162, SP3079, ST-2SC1106, ST-2SD748A, ST-2SD748A-01, ST3026, STC1085, STI-401, STI401, T222, T225, T2SD657S, TIP554, TM162, TNJ60078, TNJ60455, TNJ72320, TR1009, TR-186(OLSON), TR-61, TR61, TR-61MP, TR68, TV121, TVS2SC1768, TVS-2SC687, TVS2SC901, TX-183S, URS-126-2, VS2SC1829/1E, VS-2SC687, VS2SD604-//1E, ZEN204

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Product condition: New