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NTE Semiconductors

NTE Part Number: NTE154
Description: T-NPN, SI-VID OUTPUT +
QTY Per Package: 1

Call or email us for stock status.
There is a 1-2 week lead-time for out of stock items.

Click here for the datasheet for NTE154.
If this datasheet link is broken, the datasheet may still be available at
This part is the equivalent replacement for the following:
001-021300, 006-0001003, 006-0001011, 006-0002088, 01-031103, 010-694(AMPEX), 011305-000, 014558, 01-571941, 01-572831, 020-1110-014(SCOTT), 022939, 0320051, 0573501, 0573519, 06120001, 09-302099, 098-1(RCA), 1018, 104-8, 1067, 1067(GE), 111T2, 116081, 1169, 12-1, 121-241, 121-361, 121-445, 121-473, 121-600(ZENITH), 121-743, 121-743-01(TO5), 121-744, 121-776, 121-777, 121-777-01, 121-792, 123944, 12546, 126705, 126709, 126710, 127712, 13-1005-1, 13-15809-1, 13-23825-1, 13-28432-2, 13-55062-1, 135N1, 135N1M, 136066, 144-4, 1449098-1, 144N4, 144N6, 14-602-19, 14-602-36, 14-602-37, 1472474-2, 1473541-1, 1473552-1, 14735521, 1473656-4, 1473679-2, 1487, 1519, 171162-124, 171162-125, 171162-126, 1804-17, 183-11(ADMIRAL), 1854-0384, 1885-17, 19-020-046, 194-11(ADMIRAL), 1960085-2, 2017-110, 2057A2-261, 2057B104-8, 2057B2-140, 2090(CROWN), 2114-0, 23114007, 231140-28, 23114028, 23114-052, 23114052, 23114053, 23114054, 23114095, 23114125, 2320051, 2320051H, 2320191, 2320892, 2321101, 236282, 2474, 2474(RCA), 25114130, 25672-016, 260-10-052, 260D07201, 260D7201, 260P1030, 260P10301, 260P10801, 260P22101, 2620, 27087, 28311, 28311(AOC), 2N1052, 2N1053, 2N1054, 2N1207, 2N1493, 2N1574, 2N1613B, 2N2440, 2N2618, 2N2726, 2N3114, 2N3114S, 2N3133S, 2N3388, 2N3389, 2N340, 2N340A, 2N341, 2N341A, 2N342A, 2N3526, 2N3712, 2N3712S, 2N3742, 2N3742S, 2N3923, 2N4068, 2N4269, 2N4270, 2N4925, 2N4926, 2N4927, 2N5058, 2N5058S, 2N5059, 2N5059S, 2N5174, 2N5176, 2N5184, 2N5185, 2N699A,B, 2N738, 2N739, 2N739A, 2N740, 2N740A, 2S743, 2S743A, 2S745A, 2S746, 2S746A, 2SC1012, 2SC1012A, 2SC1012B, 2SC1012C, 2SC1012D, 2SC1012E, 2SC1012F, 2SC1012G, 2SC1012GN, 2SC1012H, 2SC1012J, 2SC1012K, 2SC1012L, 2SC1012M, 2SC1012OR, 2SC1012R, 2SC1012X, 2SC1012Y, 2SC1048, 2SC1048B, 2SC1048C, 2SC1048D, 2SC1048D,C, 2SC1048E, 2SC1048F, 2SC1048N, 2SC1056, 2SC1062, 2SC1090, 2SC1090D, 2SC1103, 2SC1103(A), 2SC1103A, 2SC1103B, 2SC1103C, 2SC1103L, 2SC1116-0, 2SC1315, 2SC154, 2SC1546, 2SC154A, 2SC154B, 2SC154(C), 2SC154C, 2SC154D, 2SC154E, 2SC154F, 2SC154G, 2SC154GN, 2SC154H, 2SC154J, 2SC154K, 2SC154L, 2SC154M, 2SC154-OR, 2SC154OR, 2SC154R, 2SC154X, 2SC154Y, 2SC1630, 2SC1706H, 2SC1820, 2SC273, 2SC470, 2SC470-3, 2SC470-4, 2SC470-5, 2SC470-6, 2SC470A, 2SC470B, 2SC470C, 2SC470D, 2SC470E, 2SC470F, 2SC470G, 2SC470GN, 2SC470H, 2SC470J, 2SC470K, 2SC470L, 2SC470M, 2SC470OR, 2SC470R, 2SC470X, 2SC470Y, 2SC472Y, 2SC500, 2SC500R, 2SC500Y, 2SC505, 2SC505-O, 2SC505-R, 2SC506, 2SC506-O, 2SC506-R, 2SC507, 2SC507-0, 2SC507-R, 2SC507-Y, 2SC58, 2SC589, 2SC58A, 2SC58AC, 2SC58B, 2SC58D, 2SC58E, 2SC58F, 2SC58G, 2SC58GN, 2SC58H, 2SC58J, 2SC58K, 2SC58L, 2SC58M, 2SC58OR, 2SC58R, 2SC58X, 2SC58Y, 2SC627, 2SC627F, 2SC627FA, 2SC627FB, 2SC64, 2SC64A, 2SC64B, 2SC64C, 2SC64D, 2SC64E, 2SC64F, 2SC64G, 2SC64GN, 2SC64H, 2SC64K, 2SC64L, 2SC64M, 2SC64OR, 2SC64R, 2SC64X, 2SC64Y, 2SC65, 2SC65A, 2SC65B, 2SC65C, 2SC65D, 2SC65E, 2SC65F, 2SC65G, 2SC65GN, 2SC65H, 2SC65K, 2SC65L, 2SC65M, 2SC65N, 2SC65-O, 2SC65-OR, 2SC65OR, 2SC65R, 2SC65X, 2SC65Y, 2SC65YA, 2SC65Y(B), 2SC65YB, 2SC65YTV, 2SC65YTV1, 2SC66, 2SC686, 2SC686A, 2SC686B, 2SC686C, 2SC686D, 2SC686E, 2SC686F, 2SC686G, 2SC686GN, 2SC686H, 2SC686J, 2SC686K, 2SC686L, 2SC686M, 2SC686OR, 2SC686R, 2SC686X, 2SC686Y, 2SC70, 2SC727, 2SC728, 2SC743A, 2SC746A, 2SC788, 2SC788B, 2SC788C, 2SC788D, 2SC788E, 2SC788F, 2SC788G, 2SC788GN, 2SC788J, 2SC788K, 2SC788L, 2SC788M, 2SC788OR, 2SC788R, 2SC788X, 2SC788Y, 2SC805, 2SC805A, 2SC805B, 2SC805C, 2SC805D, 2SC805E, 2SC805F, 2SC805G, 2SC805GN, 2SC805H, 2SC805J, 2SC805L, 2SC805OR, 2SC805R, 2SC805X, 2SC805Y, 2SC818, 2SC856, 2SC856-02, 2SC856A, 2SC856B, 2SC856C, 2SC856D, 2SC856E, 2SC856F, 2SC856G, 2SC856GN, 2SC856J, 2SC856K, 2SC856M, 2SC856-OR, 2SC856OR, 2SC856R, 2SC856X, 2SC856Y, 2SC857, 2SC857H, 2SC857K, 2SC868, 2SC88, 2SC88A, 2SC926, 2SC926(A), 2SC926A, 2SC926B, 2SC926C, 2SC926D, 2SC926E, 2SC926F, 2SC926G, 2SC926GN, 2SC926H, 2SC926J, 2SC926K, 2SC926L, 2SC926M, 2SC926-OR, 2SC926OR, 2SC926R, 2SC926X, 2SC926Y, 2SC95, 2SC995, 2SCI090B, 2SD624, 3170717, 3170757, 321-264, 3450842-10, 3450842-20, 3450842-30, 34-6001-65, 34-6015-59, 3476, 352-0403-010, 3545(RCA), 3552-1, 3552-1(RCA), 3552(RCA), 3553-1(RCA), 3553(RCA), 3582(RCA), 3613-5(RCA), 3687, 37725, 38120, 38121, 3878, 38996, 4001, 4001(TRANSISTOR), 40321, 40354, 40355, 40459, 417-115, 417-232, 417-232(HEATH), 4648, 4-686145-3, 46-86173-3, 46-86182-3, 46-86183-3, 46-86210-3, 4-686232-3, 46-86232-3, 4686-232-3, 46-86318-3, 48-134648, 48-134819, 48-134843, 48-134853, 48-134898, 48-134919, 48-134927, 48-137002, 48-137035, 48-137364, 48-137415, 48-155006, 4819, 4822-130-40292, 482213040292, 4822-130-40299, 482213040299, 4822-130-40359, 482213040359, 4822-130-40453, 482213040453, 4822-130-40457, 482213040457, 4822-130-40661, 482213040661, 4822-130-40782, 482213040782, 4822-130-40908, 482213040908, 4822-130-40969, 482213040969, 4822-130-44037, 482213044037, 4822-130-44108, 482213044108, 4838, 4843, 4853, 48-8401A02, 48-84306A62, 48M355012, 48S134919, 48S137364(H), 48S137415(I), 48S155006, 48S317113, 48S317476, 497-2635-5-ND, 5322-130-40299, 532213040299, 5322-130-40457, 532213040457, 5322-130-40661, 532213040661, 5322-130-40782, 532213040782, 5322-130-44037, 532213044037, 5322-130-44108, 532213044108, 5322-130-44124, 532213044124, 540205, 552-1(RCA), 573501, 576-0004-001, 57A104-1, 57A104-2, 57A104-3, 57A104-4, 57A104-5, 57A104-6, 57A104-7, 57A104-8, 57A1-122, 57A12-1, 57A12-2, 57A136-1, 57A136-10, 57A136-11, 57A136-2, 57A136-3, 57A136-4, 57A136-5, 57A136-6, 57A136-7, 57A136-8, 57A136-9, 57A160-8, 57A183-11, 57A194-11, 57A194-11(PULSE), 57A194-1L, 57A207-8, 57A261-10, 57A283-11, 57B136-1, 57B136-10, 57B136-11, 57B136-2, 57B136-3, 57B136-4, 57B136-5, 57B136-6, 57B136-7, 57B136-8, 57B136-9, 57B194-12, 57B207-8, 57B261-10, 57B283-11, 57B483-11, 57C12-1, 57C12-2, 57C283-11, 57D1-122, 57D283-11, 57M2-16, 57M2-17, 60684, 610075-1, 610135-1, 610144-3, 610144-4, 610144-6, 613-4, 613-5(RCA), 6181-1, 62051493, 62116331, 62-18426, 62543914, 62563309, 62734639, 62737522, 63-28426, 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A48-134927, A48-137002, A48-137035, A4819, A4838, A4843, A4853, A4H, A573501, A57C12-1, A57C12-2, A57D1-122, A57M2-16, A57M2-17, A610075-1, A6181-1, A63-18426, A7253, A86-213-2, A86-214-2, A86-215-2, A86-316-2, A8V, A8VA, AM9, AT350, AT351, B5D, BC100, BC117, BC145, BC300-5, BC300-6, BC394, BCX22, BCX24, BD115, BF108, BF109, BF110, BF111, BF114, BF117, BF118, BF119, BF140, BF140A, BF140R, BF140S, BF155R, BF155S, BF156, BF157, BF157B, BF174, BF177, BF178, BF179, BF179A, BF179B, BF179C, BF186, BF257, BF258, BF259, BF292A, BF292B, BF292C, BF294, BF305, BF336, BF337, BF337/01, BF338, BF355, BF657, BF658, BF659, BFR21, BFT57, BFT59, BFW36, BFW37, BFW45, BFX34, BFX98, BFY43, BFY45, BFY57, BFY65, BFY80, BN7253, BSW32, BSW69, BSW70, BT3700T, BT3701T, C1012, C1012A, C1048, C1048B, C1048C, C1048D, C1048E, C1048F, C1056, C1103, C1103(A), C1103A, C1103B, C1103C, C1103L, C1116-0, C1630, C273, C407, C470, C472Y, C500, C500R, C500Y, C505, C505-O, C505-R, C506, C506-O, C506-R, C507, C507-O, C507-R, 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Vetco stocks a complete inventory of electronic parts, including Integrated Circuits (IC's), Transistors, Diodes, and LEDs.
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Product condition: New

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -