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Brain Games Kids

Explore The Mind-Blowing Science of Your Amazing Brain!


More About Brain Games Kids

Brain Games Kids Categories

Brain Games Card Difficulty

Brain Games Logo and Cards

Brain Games Kids Gameplay

3 Mind-Bending Categories

See how you stack up in Brain Benders, Body Language and Puzzling Pictures!

4 Levels of Difficulty

Each category comes in 4 different difficulty levels. A level 4 card is the hardest, but it moves you 4 spaces. A level 1 card is the easiest, but it only moves you 1 space.

Play, Explore, and Discover

Play fun games designed to mess with your mind! Explore the limits of the human brain! Discover fascinating facts and brainy news nuggets!

Playing Brain Games

Your team must work together to answer the challenge questions as stated on the cards. The first team to reach the finish space wins!

Brain Games Kids Closeup

Special Spaces on the Game Board

Discard Destiny- Your team must choose a card (without looking) from the discard pile to play for the turn.

Free Will- Your team is allowed to peek at the category and level of difficulty of the 1st and 2nd card in the deck to choose which one they would like to play.

Peer Pressure- The opposing team is allowed to peek at the category and level of difficulty of the 1st and 2nd card in the deck and they decide which card your team must play.

Quantum Leap- Follow the arrow and leap forward or backward!

Bran Games Logo

Brain Power

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of the most powerful and complex supercomputer ever built- Your Brain! It controls your entire body, everything you think and do, plus it makes you, you.

Brain Games Kids gets in your head and reveals the inner-workings of that three pounds of tissue sitting between your ears.


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