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Product Description

These are (to date) the thinnest and smallest addressable strips available. And we are the first in the United States to offer them to customers!

We currently only carry them in 1 meter length, but can order them for you in 5 meter length.

These things are SUPER cool! They are even more impressive in person.

LED ADDRESSABLE STRIP GIF1. These Led strips may have solder joints about every 0.5m. This is a normal thing, not a quality problem.
2.Since the light strip is super narrow, don't bend it sharply to avoid breaking
3.The DC5V light strip needs a DC5V power supply, if it is greater than DC5.5V, the light strip will be damaged!
4.When the light strip is in white light, it will gradually change from white light to orange light. This is caused by insufficient voltage. You only need to increase the voltage to solve it.
5.The led strip needs a WS2812B data Controller (which is not include) and 5V power supply (not include) to light up! See the reccomended products below.

You can run these with an addressabel RGB remote we sell or off of a micro controller like an arduino, ESP or Raspberry Pi.

Products Description:
Product Name:Ultra Narrow WS2812 Smart Digital LED Strip
IC Chip:WS2812B
SMD Size: 2020SMD
Voltage :DC5V/DC12V
Color:Addressable RGB full color
LED Qty:160 LEDs/m
PCB width:2.7mm
Cutted:Per 2 led
PCB color:White
IP rated:IP20;non-waterproof
Pins:3 Wires = 5V+(Red wire), DATA(Green wire), GND(White wire)
Length:1m/2m/3m/4m/5m(According to your choice)
Operation temperature: -20℃-+45℃
Storage temperature: -20℃-+60℃
View angle: 180°

Click here to read the California regulatory warning.