MG Peelable Solder Mask - 8.5oz
Mg 862 250ml

MG Peelable Solder Mask - 8.5oz

Part number: MG-862-250ML
MG Peelable Solder Mask - 8.5oz
MG Chemicals Part Number: 862-250ML

This solder mask may be used in robotic, pneumatic, hand applied or template screening (not recommended for silk screening). It is excellent for masking contacts, gold fingers, card edges and desired areas during conformal coating applications.
  • Temporary, peelable
  • Thixotropic, synthetic latex designed to withstand fluxing, wave soldering and cleaning
  • No ammonia
  • Quick drying
  • Non-corrosive to copper, gold, silver or pre-soldered surfaces
  • Opaque pink in color when applied, translucent red when cured
  • Cured mask can be for masking conformal coatings
Property Result
Cure type Thermal
Cure time @ 25°C 1 hour
Cure time @ 65°C 30 minutes
Cure time @ 82°C 20 minutes
Removal Peel off. Dried mask is not soluble in liquids.
Viscosity 28,000 - 30,000 cps
Suggested thickness 20 - 30 mils
Thinner D.I. water
High temperature limit 315°C / 600°F

QTY: 1 x Tube of Peelable Solder Mask (8.5oz / 250ml)
Product condition: New