MG Ferric Chloride Solution - 1 Liter
Mg 415 500ml

MG Ferric Chloride Solution - 1 Liter

Part number: MG-415-1L
MG Ferric Chloride Solution - 1 Liter
MG Part Number: 415-1L

Copper Etchant Solution
Ready to use solution designed for etching printed circuit boards and other metals. Recommended for use with M.G. Chemicals Professional Etching Process Kit (MG-416-E) and M.G. Economy Etching Process Kit (MG-416-ES). Note: Do not dilute this product with water.
Immerse copper board in solution and agitate until etching action is completed. Ferric Chloride can etch up to a maximum of 100g of copper per liter of solution (.33 square meters or 3.5 square feet of 1 oz copper clad board). Etching process can be sped up by heating the solution to a temperature no higher than 55°C (135°F).

General Specifications:


Ferric chloride (Fecl3) liquid solution 

Specific Gravity:   


Molecular Weight:          


Appearance: dark brown
Boiling Point: 106 °C
pH (5% by volume):        1.0-2.0
Freezing Point:  0 °C

Technical Specifications:

% FeCL3:


%FeCL2: 0.20
%HCL: 0.18

Metal Analysis:

Metal Result (mg/Kg)
Arsenic N/D
Bariuum N/D
Beryllium 4.8
Cadmium N/D
Chromium 64
Copper 77
Antimony N/D
Mercury N/D
Magnesium 15
Manganese 410
Silver N/D
Nickel 24
Titanium 18
Lead 59
Selenium N/D
Zinc 8.3
Vanadium 5.8
Sulfur    18
Thallium 2.7
Operating Conditions
Maximum Copper holding capacity

100 grams / liter   or
(.33 square meters or 3.5 square feet   of 1 oz copper clad board)

Etch rate

175-200  µin /minute @ 50-55 °C
(µin= microinch)

Temperature 50-55 °C         

QTY: 1 x 1 Liter Bottle
Product condition: New